Haven’t you had enough trying to find the ultimate, best CBD oil for yourself?

The task of finding the very best is both time-consuming and complicated when you’re looking for the right quality, cannabidiol concentration, unbiased lab results, pleasant taste, quality/price ratio, and many other factors. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with rigorous criteria and shortlisted the best products available as of now! There are 25 CBD oils listed in total and trust me, you don’t want to know just how many more we’ve considered!

Take a look at our choice of the most compelling CBD oils out there and pick your favorite!

Best CBD Oil: Our Top 25 Choices for 2020

Top Picks in Specific Categories

CBD Oil Reviews

1. Joy Organics CBD Oil Tincture Review

Overall Rating: 9.9/10

CBD content: 225mg–1350mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: broad-spectrum
Ingredients: organic extra-virgin olive oil and phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract
Flavors: natural, mint, lemon, orange
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: US; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free for orders over $50; 30 days
Price: $29.95–$99.95
Discounts: coupon code on the site

Joy Organics CBD Premium Hemp Tincture oil products come in peppermint, orange, lemon, and natural flavors. Admittedly, the minty version of this organic CBD oil is said not to be “very minty,” so you might want to choose another one.

For us, we’ve opted for the natural, unflavored option. The list of ingredients given may change depending on your choice, i.e., the flavor of the hemp oil. Flavored oils may contain other oils and safe additives. Joy Organics Premium Hemp Tincture, for example, can contain grape seed oil, peppermint oil, stevia, olive oil, etc.

Joy Organics makes a point of their oils being kosher, too.

Best CBD products abound on their site — you can go shopping for gummies, salve sticks, bath bombs, creams, and even energy drinks.

✔ Pros:

  • Wide variety of CBD oil products
  • 4 different flavors
  • Kosher

✖ Cons:

  • Minty version is not particularly tasty

2. NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil Review

Best for Arthritis

Overall Rating: 9.9/10

CBD content: 1450mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: USDA certified organic hemp oil, full-spectrum hemp extract
Flavors: strong earthy flavor (natural)
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $179
Discounts: special groups

NuLeaf CBD Oil has gained quite a lot of attention. Founded in 2014, this CBD company found its way to stardom. One of the largest CBD companies and yet it does not offer a wide array of products — there are only oils on offer, of varying strengths. However, it seems that investing all your resources in manufacturing one type of high-quality hemp CBD product has certainly paid off.

The CBD oil amount varies, so you can choose anywhere between 240mg to 4850mg CBD. Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) certification is in their possession, and NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD is praised by customers as the best CBD oil for arthritis.

In their lab report, you also get to see the percentage of terpenes contained in the oil. NuLeaf 725mg Full Spectrum CBD, in particular, is high in beta-caryophyllene. Nevertheless, maybe there are a bit too many terpenes for one’s liking. NuLeaf oil has a strong, earthy flavor, and that’s the only one they have!

The oil can be shipped to the US and 40 countries abroad, which is definitely a plus. Moreover, plenty of discounts here for veterans, first responders, low-income, disability, teachers, students, and non-profit groups and organizations.

✔ Pros:

  • Best CBD oil for arthritis
  • Lots of discount options 
  • Over 17,000 reviews

✖ Cons: 

  • Strong taste

3. Zion Medicinals Organic Spagyric Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Review

Overall Rating: 9.9/10

CBD content: 250mg–1500mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: hemp, fractionated coconut oil
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: ethanol extraction and spagyric processing
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free for orders over $100; 30 days
Price: $44.99–$225
Discounts: 15% off if you subscribe

The full name hardly fits CBD reviews, but Zion Medicinals had to mention that their CBD oil is  “spagyric.” That means that after the ethanol extraction, the residue is burnt to white ash so as to extract the salts and minerals. They are later turned into crystals and added to the oil. Making the most of the available ingredients.

Zion Medicinals Organic Spagyric Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has lots of positive reviews. What’s more, their customer service informed us that they haven’t had a complaint for 2 years! Even the top CBD brands such as Spruce CBD can’t boast about it.

To tell the truth, we can’t reproach much to this oil either. What could be improved is the taste of the oil. Unfortunately, there are no other flavors but the typical, earthy one.

Other available products that you can find on Zion Medicinal’s website include oils, salves, soap, and pet products. Not too many, but, interestingly, there’s hemp charcoal CBD soap. In case you’re unsure what your friend or family member may wish for, you could get them a gift card for the highest-quality CBD oil. 

✔ Pros:

  • Helps with Lyme disease
  • Spagyric extraction
  • No complaints in 2 years

✖ Cons: 

  • No free shipping
  • Only one taste

4. CBDfx CBD Tincture Oil Review

Best Product Variety

Overall Rating: 9.9/10

CBD content: 500mg–1500mg per 30 ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: MCT oil derived from coconuts, full spectrum CBD oil
Flavors: natural
Extraction: CO2
Origin: Kentucky; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $59.99–$119.99
Discounts: special groups

CBD oil for pain reviews say that CBDfx Tincture Oil 500mg has helped a lot and can be a replacement for tramadol. The company doesn’t have a smaller dose of CBD per product, but this one seems to work just fine. Over 8,000 satisfied clients agree on that one. By the way, some of them give it to their dogs and say it works too.

We’re not sure if Lady Gaga’s using it, but we have reasons to believe this could be the best CBD oil for fibromyalgia. It helps with sleep, pain, anxiety, Tourette’s syndrome, nausea… Indeed, some of these have nothing to do with fibro, but the general impression from a CBDfx review is that even people who took CBD oil for just one issue found it helped them with their overall health. Therefore, it sounds like a good solution for the “invisible disease.”

You’ll probably be inclined to try even more of their products: vape juice, vape pens and kits, capsules, candies, strips, and even snooze masks. Gummies with turmeric and spirulina give an extra boost to your health.

CBDfx site is the best place to buy CBD oil, judging by their discounts. A pop-up immediately lets you know about the 15% off subscription discount. Bundle sales are there, too, and first responders will pay 20% less. Military members, both active and retired, can benefit from it as well.

At the moment, there’s a special “buy 2, get one free” offer till April 15th.

✔ Pros: 

  • Lots of discounts  
  • Over 8,000 reviews
  • Great for fibromyalgia

✖ Cons: 

  • Only 3 strengths

5. Lazarus Naturals Standard Potency Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

Best Value

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

CBD content: 450mg per 30ml (2x15ml bottles)
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: organic hemp seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, and hemp extract
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: ethanol
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $24 for two 15ml bottles
Discounts: special groups

If you want to buy CBD oil online, but you’re not from the US, you needn’t worry. Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture can be delivered to your doorstep as they ship to an additional 25 countries; Switzerland, Slovenia, Finland, Denmark, Uruguay, Croatia, Hungary, and Belgium, to name but a few.

If the natural taste of CBD oil isn’t your cup of tea but you like high potency, Lazarus Naturals High Potency oil can be enjoyed with a dash of chocolate mint, French vanilla mocha, orange, or fruity mix. The discounts are also appealing since you can get this hemp CBD oil at a lower price if you’re a veteran, suffering from a disability, or are struggling financially.

Their strongest CBD oil has 6000mg. Lazarus Naturals CBD oil comes in three fairly strong concentrations: 750mg, 3000mg, and 6000mg. Therefore, this oil is definitely not for beginners.

Mind you, no oils are currently available in 30ml bottles. Only 15ml, 60ml, and 120ml. For the sake of keeping all comparisons consistent, we considered two 15ml bottles.

Other available products that might interest you are topicals, pet line, pills, merchandise, isolates, and massage oils.

✔ Pros: 

  • Shipping abroad (25 countries)
  • Low-income discounts
  • Have potent CBD oil (6000mg)

✖ Cons: 

  • High potency oils taste better

6. SunMed CBD Oil Broad Spectrum Tincture Review

Best Taste

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

CBD content: 240mg–3000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: broad-spectrum
Ingredients: hemp extract, organic MCT oil, organic flavoring, proprietary blend of plant-derived terpenes
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free for orders over $100; 30 days
Price: $40–$300
Discounts: no

Everyone started reading SunMed CBD oil reviews after the company received two prestigious awards in the CBD industry for 2019: Best CBD Tincture and Best CBD Topical! Therefore, let’s tell you a word or two about it.

Sunmed Broad Spectrum Tinctures come in a variety of tastes and strengths. Basically, they have it all. Five different strengths, and 4 flavors: natural, orange, mint, and lemon. Still, if you’re planning on ordering their highest concentration of 100mg per serving, you’ll only be able to order the natural flavor.

The above-mentioned CBD topical cream contains their best cannabidiol oil and comes in three concentrations. Also, there’s a face serum, edibles section, pet products, water solubles, and even a book!

Often cited as the fastest-growing CBD brand, SunMed could get bigger if they improved their shipping policy. Only orders over $99 in value are free to ship. Also, while there is an express shipping option, it’s not applicable to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. No discounts either!

Despite online rave reviews (mostly claiming SunMed CBD eases pain), it’s a bit odd there aren’t any customer reviews of the best oil for 2019 on SunMed’s site.

✔ Pros: 

  • Best CBD oil in 2019
  • Plenty of CBD products
  • Best taste

✖ Cons: 

  • No discounts

7. Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Classic CBD Oil Review

Best Potency

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

CBD content: 250mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: full-spectrum hemp extract, organic hemp seed oil
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $22.36
Discounts: special groups

Bluebird Botanicals full spectrum CBD oil has quite a reputation. This is an award-winning CBD company! Bluebird Botanicals CBD won the #1 Hemp Company/Product award given by the Cannabis Business Awards in 2018. Besides the basic Hemp Classic option, we were tempted to try out the stronger versions.

Such CBD tinctures have a strong, natural flavor, and the concentration is very strong, too. They’re one of Bluebird Botanicals “big guns.” Bluebird Hemp Classic 6x Concentrated CBD Extract is 6 times more potent than their regular ones. No sweeteners or any other ingredients to neutralize the strong taste. As for “small guns,” you can buy 83.3mg in a 10ml bottle.

Best CBD oil to buy for your money if you have a low income, a long-term disability, or you’re a veteran — you’ll get between 20% and 30% off.  Also, the 30% April discount is on!

The only complaint we have is about the oil, capsules, edibles, vape juice, CBD for pets, tinctures, isolates, and other items not being shipped to South Dakota.

✔ Pros: 

  • Award-winning
  • Low-income discount
  • Most potent CBD oil (12000mg) available

✖ Cons: 

  • No shipping to South Dakota

8. NanoCraft CBD Oil Pure Formula Review

Best Variety of Flavors

Overall Rating: 9.7/10

CBD content: 750mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: broad-spectrum
Ingredients: broad-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, MCT coconut oil, ginger and citrus natural flavors, stevia
Flavors: ginger citrus
Extraction method: nanoemulsion process
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free over $75; 30 days
Price: $69.99
Discounts: 15% off with subscription

NanoCraft CBD Oil brings in a bit of variety to our CBD oil reviews, as it is classified as broad-spectrum. That doesn’t mean it lacks too many substances, just THC. Besides CBD, there are 40 more active cannabinoids and terpenes in this CBD oil. Other flavors you may enjoy are lavender, passionflower, cacao, and ginger, but not for the NanoCraft Pure Oil — look for the Golden ones, which also have higher concentrations.

As you may expect, nanoemulsion means you get more than you hoped. The nanoemulsion process is said to make CBD oil five times more bioavailable, and to increase the bioavailability of CBD oil four times more compared to similar water-soluble CBD oils. Sounds like the best CBD oil on the market to us, if only it had smaller potencies as well for all its types (day, night, pure, golden).

Such CBD oil is added to lots of NanoCraft CBD products. This CBD oil brand produces day formula, water, day and night formula, topicals (sticks, creams, roll-ons), water, sports supplements, pet products, etc. Did you know they have post-workout CBD powder? Naturally, lots of athletes are Nanocraft’s keen supporters and promoters too.

NanoCraft Hemp is fairly transparent about the causes they support — namely, Mauli Ola Foundation and Child Hunger Sucks. It’s good to see top CBD companies giving back to the community. 

✔ Pros: 

  • Increased bioavailability
  • Variety of products

✖ Cons:

  • Only flavored oils

9. TryTheCBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil Review

Overall Rating: 9.7/10

CBD content: 1500mg–5000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: extracted full-spectrum CBD, MCT coconut oil, organic industrial hemp
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: not free; 30 days
Price: $89.99–$234.99
Discounts: several options

TryTheCBD could be the best CBD company name. Short, concise, and suggestive. So, naturally, we had to try it out and see if it’s a match!

We truly enjoyed going over their CBD oil reviews as well. Why? TryTheCBD Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture reviews can be presented according to the ratings, age, and even images or videos. Hardly any CBD company gives you a chance to clearly see product reviews that are not flattering. These are few, but they were mostly about the dosage not being high enough for them.

This is nothing to worry about, though. We are all individuals, and knowing the exact dosage and exactly how CBD will affect us is hard to confirm 100% — you just have to give it a go! No need to get discouraged after reading a single negative CBD oil review.

The oil has a natural flavor only, and comes in different strengths (and products). There are oils, vapes, shatters, capsules, topicals, pet CBD, isolate, even cartridges that you can buy using different options.

For example, to get the best value, you can mix and match. Veterans, low-income, students, firefighters, seniors, government employees, disabled, low-income residents can get up to 20% off. Collecting purchase points is an option, together with bulk sales.

TryTheCBD gives you the chance to try out CBD shatters, or CBD isolates.

✔ Pros: 

  • 3 different strengths
  • Transparent reviews
  • 20% off for special groups

✖ Cons: 

  • One taste
  • No free shipping

10. Spruce Lab Grade CBD Oil Review

Overall Rating: 9.7/10

CBD content: 750mg–2400mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: organic hemp seed oil or organic coconut MCT oil, full spectrum CBD oil, natural flavors
Flavors: peppermint, natural
Extraction method: moonshine extraction method
Third-party lab results: available
Origin: Kentucky, North Carolina; organic
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $89–$269
Discounts: 15% off for a subscription

Spruce CBD oil has only two concentrations, and two types of CBD oil, but they’re seriously worth mentioning!

Lab Grade CBD Oil is not for the faint of heart as it only comes in 750mg and 2400mg concentrations. The latter is very bitter, as the manufacturers themselves admit. Yet, that does not impair the overall quality. The peppermint version is tastier though. The moonshine extraction method mentioned above refers to a type of alcohol.

We can’t vouch 100% without scientific research, but the best CBD oil for high blood pressure could be the 2400mg one! At least that’s what the review says. You’ll find plenty of photos and videos on the site. You can see the bad rankings too (mostly complaining about not being effective, but that’s just 2% of them).

Overall, there are few products infused with their oil, but that implies they are devoted to delivering quality to the maximum. Spruce CBD Oil is a young CBD oil brand, founded in 2018. Top quality has launched them at the very top of the industry, and you’ll recognize their brand logo everywhere.

Try their CBD cream or pet products, and get 15% off by subscribing!

✔ Pros: 

  • Reliable reviews
  • Very potent
  • Excellent for neuropathic pain

✖ Cons: 

  • Few products 
  • 2400mg is very bitter
  • Expensive

11. 4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tincture Review

Best for Anxiety

Overall Rating: 9.6/10

CBD content: 1000mg–2000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: MCT oil, CBD dominant hemp extract, limonene (orange extract)
Flavors: coconut/orange
Extraction method: alcohol
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $199.99–$349.99
Discounts: special groups

CBD oils from 4 Corners Cannabis are next in line of best CBD oils of 2019, and maybe the greatest CBD oils 2020 as well. The Blue Label line is said to be the best for anxiety relief.

It comes in lots of strengths. A small 10ml bottle with 100mg of CBD per 10ml is really convenient for absolute beginners or if you’re unsure whether you’re going to enjoy the taste 100%. On the other hand, 4 Corners Cannabis’s strongest bottle contains up to 2000mg per 30ml!

How do they make their quality CBD oil? 4 Corners Cannabis uses USDA-certified organic sugar cane ethanol for extraction to obtain complete extract cannabis oil (CECO) which has over 60% CBD.

This full-spectrum CBD product comes in a variety of tastes: cinnamon, avocado, coconut, and citrus. Other CBD products that may spark your interest include edibles, pet products, salves, and even clothes.

The discounts don’t really abound, but there is a lottery game for subscribers, as well as coupon codes on the manufacturer’s page, and occasional sales.

✔ Pros: 

  • Lots of flavors
  • Best CBD oil for anxiety

✖ Cons: 

  • A bit pricey

12. PureKana Natural CBD Oil Review

Overall Rating: 9.6/10

CBD content: 300mg–1000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: hemp oil extract, MCT oil, natural flavors, terpenes
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: US; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $70–$139
Discounts: occasional sales

Rumor has it PureKana CBD oil will be the best organic CBD oil in 2020, so we had to check it out.

Compared to the rest of the bunch, the oil tastes earthy, but not too earthy, if you know what we mean. Some would even call it “fresh”.They do have an assortment of tastes, though: natural, vanilla, citrus, and even something that’s supposed to resemble fruity flavor — Fruity Pebbz. Mint is our favorite by far, but feel free to try the others too as this Kentucky-based CBD brand seems pretty reliable.

By the way, the 300mg CBD for sale is among the cheapest ones on our page if you count on the current discount. The CBD oil prices, at the moment, range from $70 to $390 (5000mg of CBD). They’ve got occasional sales, as well as bundle discounts, but nothing that guarantees discounts in the long run. It also bothered us that PureKana does not ship to Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

They’ve got oils, capsules, bath bombs, gummies, and even hoodies and T-shirts to show your love for them. 

✔ Pros:

  • Among top CBD oil brands
  • Free shipping
  • Mild natural taste

✖ Cons:

  • No big discounts
  • Not shipping to all states

13. Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

CBD content: 250mg–2000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: full-spectrum hemp extract (aerial parts), organic fractionated coconut oil, organic stevia (only in flavored CBD tinctures), essential oils and natural flavors (only in flavored CBD tinctures)
Flavors: unflavored
Extraction method: ethanol
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: for orders over $100; 30 days
Price: $29.99–$199.99
Discounts: special groups

In vino veritas? More like in CBD veritas! Highest rated CBD oil made from Colorado hemp does not have vine flavor, but you can order Veritas Farms Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture in one of the following flavors: natural, peppermint, watermelon, citrus, and strawberry. The strength varies from 250mg to 2000mg of CBD per bottle.

We liked their clear explanation of the cannabinoids you will be enjoying: CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN. Athletes too seem to give their preference to Veritas CBD oil and its products. You can buy the best hemp oil in different forms: gummies, lip balms, salves, lotions, or even massage oil. You’ll even find anti-age creams on offer, along with sports cream for athletes and anyone living an active life.

Any military officers will be tempted to order their CBD products after finding out about the discount.

The only thing we didn’t quite like was the fact that though the return policy is 30 days, the CBD oil or product in question should be returned unopened. As Veritas is one of the best CBD companies, we expected more. In addition, we couldn’t find customer reviews on the site, which can be a turn-off for some.

✔ Pros: 

  • Best for athletes 
  • Lots of products 
  • 5 strengths (250mg–2000mg)

✖ Cons: 

  • No customer reviews

14. RE: Botanicals Hemp Classic Tincture Review

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

CBD content: 450mg–1500mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: organic MCT coconut oil made from organic coconuts, organic hemp extract
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: USDA certified-organic alcohol extraction method with organic cane
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free for over $49; 30 days
Price: $39.99–$99.99
Discounts: subscription

We truly enjoyed reading sun raised CBD oil reviews about RE: Botanicals. While lots of companies can boast about organic production, not everyone can admit that all of their crops are sun-kissed; all their products have the USDA organic seal.

RE: Botanicals Hemp Classic Tincture of 450mg was our choice, though you can go for higher doses too. By the way, don’t get confused. The names of the products say “15mg” or “25mg,” but that’s per serving. You can buy a bottle from 450mg to 2500mg, and there’s even a bulk sale. The oils are paleo-friendly and vegan. Flavor options: natural and peppermint.

In case you have some qualms whether the ultimate, best CBD oil for you is this one, if you’ll enjoy the minty flavor or natural flavor more, you can always order a trial size of 6ml! The downside — no free shipping unless you go over $49, so this is perchance best if you’re already a customer but are interested in trying out a new product of the brand.

Other available products include RE: Botanicals CBD capsules, essence body oils, and pet CBD oil. A 10% discount is guaranteed to each customer that subscribes to, and they do have special deals for buying CBD oil online from time to time.

✔ Pros: 

  • Sun-grown 
  • Trial size
  • USDA organic seal

✖ Cons: 

  • Free shipping over $49
  • No customer reviews

15. Mission Farms Pure CBD Oil Review

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

CBD content: 1000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: organic MCT coconut oil, hemp extract, organic vanilla mint flavor
Flavors: vanilla mint
Extraction method: ethanol
Origin: Oregon; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: not free; 30 days
Price: $99
Discounts: 15% off with subscription

We have reasons to believe Mission Farms could be voted the best CBD oil in 2020. Why? Firstly, Mission Farms Pure CBD Oil is made from organic Oregon hemp tended by hand, and exposed to natural sunlight.

Secondly, trial bottles with 10 servings are a great, affordable marketing product for clearing any doubts. You can enjoy the orange or vanilla mint flavor (no unflavored oils here). This is family-owned manufacture, with several families running the business together. Mission Farms CBD oils are recommended for stress relief, sleep, relaxing, and well-being, so it sounds like they’ve got the best CBD oil for depression too.

To get the best oil for your buck, you can recommend it to a friend and obtain some benefits when buying CBD oils, topicals, bath-bombs, roll-ons, or something else on the offer.

Anything to reproach? Yes, we don’t appreciate the fact no shipping is free.

✔ Pros: 

  • Trial samples
  • Best oil for chronic pain
  • Wide variety of products

✖ Cons:

  • No free shipping

16. Pure Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil Review

Best for Pain

Overall Rating: 9.4/10

CBD content: 500mg–1250mg per 30 ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: hemp extract in fractionated coconut oil
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free for over $150; 30 days
Price: $48.88–$98.88
Discounts: special groups

When Forbes recommends you as the best CBD oil in 2019, that speaks volumes. Pure Spectrum CBD is a reputable company, and you can choose from a variety of them — there are 10 oils for human satisfaction, 1 for felines, and 3 for dogs, depending on their size.

We really enjoyed Pure Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil, and its varieties seem appealing as well. Black Label CBD oils have a higher CBD concentration, so if you haven’t found an oil that gives you the needed effect, there’s the solution for you.

Pure CBD oil for sale comes in the form of CBD isolate, available in 1 gram (1000mg), 5 gram (5000mg), 10 gram (100000mg), and bulk sizes.

Another fun fact: Pure Spectrum CBD oil has famous athlete ambassadors who gladly recommend CBD for pain and recovery. Other types of CBD products include bath soak, body lotion, and face cream. They ship outside the US borders as well, but, unfortunately, no shipping is free even within the US borders. Unless you order goods which are worth over $150. That’s the most expensive free shipping option on our list.

If you’re employed by the military, you can hope for some discount, though its size is not specified.

✔ Pros: 

  • Separate oils for dogs and cats
  • 10 oils for humans
  • Best CBD oil for pain

✖ Cons: 

  • Only natural flavor
  • Free shipping over $150

17. Charlotte’s Web Original Formula CBD Oil Review

Best for Seizures

Overall Rating: 9.4/10

CBD content: 1500mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: hemp extract, organic extra virgin olive oil
Flavors: natural, mint chocolate
Extraction method: alcohol
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: not available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $149.99
Discounts: different options

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil reviews are full of complaints about their customer service. A negligible number doubts the product’s efficiency, but lots of consumers complain about the Original Formula CBD oil price despite the fact it’s not the pricest on our list. Lab results aren’t available online either, only after you purchase the oil.

If all this is true, then why is Charlotte’s Web on our list?

Well, because the legend is true too, i.e., their legendary quality.

Charlotte’s Web Original Formula CBD oil — that’s how Stanley brothers started their business. It is this small product that helped little Charlotte and turned this CBD oil into a world-famous brand.

Charlotte’s Web CBD can usually be found among top 10 CBD oils for its quality, but not the taste. The brothers themselves don’t really recommend their original formula to anyone with sensitive taste buds — the taste is incredibly strong, despite the mint chocolate. You can explore the site and find isolates, topicals, gummies, and capsules if you’d like to mask the taste.

While veterans get 15% off, they can’t have it all, as some products are off-limits. Anyone can get 10% with a subscription. Bundle sales are on at the moment. We have more expensive oils on our list, yet, we wouldn’t call this best value CBD oil regarding the overall experience.

✔ Pros:

  • High-quality 
  • Best for seizures

✖ Cons:

  • No transparent third-party lab results
  • Poor customer support
  • Very earthy taste
  • Expensive

18. CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

Overall Rating: 9.4/10

CBD content: 250mg–5000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil (MCT), full-spectrum CBD hemp extract
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free for over $75; 7 days
Price: $20–$240
Discounts: special groups

Buying CBDistillery’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture is one of the best decisions you can make.

You’ll probably love the CBD oil price along with the oil’s quality. This CBD oil is one of the less pricey ones. Lots of discounts for veterans, police officers, firefighters, and active military members — they will always get 10% off. Plenty of positive reviews on the page for the 1000mg version (almost 2,000) certainly induce trust, along with transparent lab results.

If you’re interested in trying something else besides tinctures, there are capsules, topicals, edibles, merchandise, pet products, and even pure CBD oil in the form of isolate if that’s your thing.

As for the downsides, we believe they could’ve experimented with some flavors. We’re really disappointed with the return policy too. 7 days is not enough for everyone to realize if the oil is helping them or not. No refund policy either.

Note: at the moment, shipping is free for all products due to Covid19, but we kept the shipping policy information we used for the ranking before the crisis. 

✔ Pros: 

  • Positive reviews for 1000mg (2,000) 
  • Low price 
  • Lots of products

✖ Cons: 

  • 7-days return policy
  • No refund
  • No free shipping

19. Hemplucid Full Spectrum CBD in Hemp Seed Oil Review

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

CBD content: 250mg–2000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: whole-plant CBD hemp extract, cold-pressed hemp seed oil
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $39.95–$199.95
Discounts: subscription

Hemplucid Tincture in Hemp Seed Oil is recommendable as superfood as well due to its carrier hemp seed oil. Nevertheless, remember the best way to use the best CBD oil without THC is not for cooking. Terpenes such as CBDA, CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBDV add to the overall impact.

Hemplucid CBD can be bought in plenty of concentrations, from 250mg to 2000mg. There are 5 types of CBD oil strength in total, without any artificial flavors. Admittedly, there are no other flavors but the natural one. You can find CBD full-spectrum hemp oil in some other products on the website: gummies, vape, concentrates, oils, and pet products. Best CBD products in 2019 included separate products for cats and dogs.

Interestingly, you get to meet the whole team on their website, from founders to programmers and distribution managers. Buy a Hemplucid beanie and show your support!

✔ Pros: 

  • 5 strengths
  • No artificial flavors
  • Free shipping

✖ Cons: 

  • Polysorbates added to oil in the creams

20. SabaiDee Good Vibes Review

Best for Sleep

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

CBD content: 250mg–2500mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: broad-spectrum
Ingredients: hemp extract, MCT coconut oil, peppermint oil
Flavors: mint
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $48.95–$249.95
Discounts: subscription rewards

SabaiDee CBD oil hardly needs any introduction — everyone has heard of it! Among a plethora of CBD oil companies, this one clearly stands out. We’ve taken a look at their website and chose SabaiDee Good Vibes of 250mg as their fair representative.

This broad-spectrum oil’s taste is a bit minty, and if you wish to go all-natural, you can order the unflavored version too, but for the 1000mg bottle. We especially loved reading CBD oil positive reviews. SabaiDee oil of 2500mg is recommended for psoriasis, sleep, pain management, and some users recommend it as the absolutely best CBD oil for nausea. However, not everybody has found it effective.

Your pet can enjoy SabaiDee edibles, and you may be interested in balms.

Curiously, they promise to plant a tree for every product purchased, so you’d be contributing to the environment with this shopping too.

✔ Pros: 

  • Best oil for sleep without feeling groggy
  • They give refunds
  • Reputable company

✖ Cons: 

  • Not always effective

21.  Populum Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Review

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

CBD content: 250mg–1000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: full-spectrum hemp extract, hemp seed oil, cold-pressed orange oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil
Flavors: orange
Extraction method: ethanol/fractionalized extraction
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $59–$179
Discounts: special groups

Power/best CBD oil to the people! After all, that’s what “populum” means — to the people. And they surely offer great value for your dollar with plenty of discounts. Populum Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil of 250mg can be bought at a 20% lower CBD oil price should you apply for a monthly subscription, whereas veterans get 25% off. Holiday sales give 25% off on sets and special groups.

There’s also an offer that animal lovers just can’t refuse. You can get 25% off for pet products if you adopted a pet or are fostering one at the moment. Talk about pet-friendly!

Naturally, even the top-rated CBD oils aren’t perfect. We’d love it if there were more than three strengths of CBD oil for human consumption, and some other flavor but orange. In case you don’t like one of their capsules, topicals, face oils or pet products, you should know the 30-days return policy is limited to first-time buyers only! 

✔ Pros: 

  • Discount for veterans
  • Rescued pets program

✖ Cons: 

  • Return policy only for first-time buyers
  • Orange flavor only

22. Seabedee CBD Anxiety Blend Review

Overall Rating: 9.0/10

CBD content: 500mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: 500mg premium CBD oil, proprietary terpene blend, organic MCT oil
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: Oregon and Kentucky; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free; 30 days
Price: $57.95
Discounts: different options

Doesn’t the name “Seabedee” sound familiar, as if you’ve heard it before in our CBD hemp oil reviews? Well, that’s because we had Sabaidee Mega Good Vibes on our list of ultimate CBD hemp oils. The names are similar, but they’ve got their differences.

Seabedee CBD Anxiety Blend, as its name suggests, is used for anxiety and stress relief, and it’s here because we feel it deserves a special treatment. Why is this the best oil for anxiety? The answer is: terpenes. CBD Anxiety Blend has a special mix of terpenes that are known to help with the condition.

Capsules, creams, oils, bath bombs, and edibles are infused with good CBD oil. Seabedee peach rings should bring up the appetite. They also have Seabedee 1500MG Full Spectrum CBD, which is the only “basic” CBD oil they have. Best CBD oil companies usually don’t make such bold claims that CBD hemp oil may help in cancer treatment, but Seabedee seems particularly brave.

Plenty of discount options for you here. There are bundle sales, a subscription discount, and monthly giveaways. Veterans can apply for a discount as well. Basically, you’re highly unlikely to pay the full CBD oil price with this one.

✔ Pros: 

  • Best CBD oil for anxiety and depression 
  • Plenty of discounts

✖ Cons: 

  • Limited CBD concentrations

23. Receptra Naturals Serious Relief + Turmeric Tincture Review

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

CBD content: 1000mg–2000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: broad-spectrum
Ingredients: avocado oil, hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, MCT oil infused with Receptra hemp extract, sunflower oil, turmeric (curcumin), extra virgin olive oil, mint/berry oil flavor
Flavors: mint/berry
Extraction method: alcohol
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: not free; 30 days
Price: $84.99–$149.99
Discounts: bundle discounts

Based on the manufacturer’s CBD oil review, Receptra is a broad-spectrum CBD oil for people who are moderately active and wish to have some peace and regain energy. Hemp flowers are hand-picked with great care and the products are shipped within the US borders and to some countries, but you’ll have to inquire at the customer support about that.

There’s just fresh berry taste, with a bit of a mint. This is said to be as close as it can get to berries when we discuss CBD oil types.

Besides the best rated CBD oil, you may expect to find Receptra Naturals topicals, extracts, lip balms, and CBD for pets. The more you buy, the more discounts you’ll get since this is how you collect reward points. You can also buy CBD at a lower price should you inform a family member or a friend about it.

✔ Pros: 

  • Nice berry taste
  • Ships worldwide

✖ Cons: 

  • No free shipping
  • No reviews

24. Pure Hemp Botanicals Pure CBD Oil Full Spectrum Tincture Review

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

CBD content: 300mg–3000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: full-spectrum
Ingredients: hemp seed oil, hemp extract
Flavors: natural
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: Colorado; organic
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free for over $75; N/A
Price: $24.95–$124.95
Discounts: 25% off for subscription (limited)

Pure Hemp Botanicals’ Full-Spectrum Pure Hemp Oil Tincture is a part of best CBD oil reviews for several reasons.

The list of ingredients is as simple as it can be, which is always a good sign. It is offered in the isolate form as well. We’re not exactly thrilled with the fact that a 25% discount is only available if you subscribe and order 1500mg or 3000mg capsules and tinctures. Consequently, you can’t have a discount for the CBD oil we’ve just named.

You can take your pick among 4 options, ranging from 300mg to 3000mg of CBD.

Hemp tea, CBD crystals, and merchandise, such as hoodies and metal straws, can be found on the site besides the best CBD oils. Softgels, capsules, mints are also available.

Fun fact: Mercy for Animals, a nonprofit organization, receives 1% of each purchase. The aim of MFA is to end cruel farming practices. 

✔ Pros: 

  • 4 strengths
  • Isolate and full spectrum forms

✖ Cons:

  • No customer reviews
  • Unclear about the return policy

25. Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD Tincture Review

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

CBD content: 250mg–2000mg per 30ml bottle
Type of CBD oil: broad-spectrum
Ingredients: Koi PRIZM broad-spectrum hemp extract, MCT Oil (derived from coconut)
Flavors: natural, unflavored
Extraction method: CO2
Origin: US; organic (no USDA Organic certificate)
Third-party lab results: available
Shipping and return policy: free over $35; 30 days
Price: $39.99–$169.99
Discounts: 15% off with subscription; special groups

Koi CBD oil — we had a bit of thinking whether it can compete for the best THC free CBD oil. It was funny that we couldn’t find the word “organic” on their website, so we consulted with their customer service. At the moment, Koi CBD is in the process of obtaining the USDA Organic stamp of approval and the company vouches for its organic practices.

Apart from this, the information they provide is fairly transparent. You can try this oil in four different strengths, from 250mg to 2000mg. Plenty of yummy flavors too (we especially recommend the minty ones): peppermint, spearmint, strawberry, orange, and lemon-lime.

Veterans can buy their CBD oil online and get a special 25% discount upon providing the necessary document. There truly is a great choice here, from CBD inhalers, gummies and softgels that have just come out, to CBD vape devices, sprays, merchandise… Seems like this koi is going to bring you some luck indeed!

Similarly to some other brands, Koi CBD has introduced hand sanitizers to fight COVID-19.

✔ Pros:

  • Variety of strengths
  • Clear instructions
  • Easily recognizable brand

✖ Cons:

  • Waiting for the USDA organic certificate
  • Free shipping over $35

Note: All prices are for 30ml (1oz) bottles or equivalents to keep things on even ground. Some of these products are available in smaller or much larger bottles.

This page may contain affiliate links which in no way diminish your experience. For more information, read our affiliate disclosure.

What We Tested and How We Decided the Best of the Best

Our Ranking Methodology

What is the best CBD oil on the market? Well, the answer to this particular question could be more of a personal nature. Various factors may influence your decision; all of which are quite personal, including special programs offered, discounts, potency, or flavors even. Still, we tried to be as objective and unbiased as it is humanly possible.

We took all of the following factors into account when ranking the top cannabidiol oils on our list. 

Origin (US-Grown) 

We prioritize CBD oils that are extracted from cannabis grown in the US as opposed to overseas oils. The reason being, it’s usually more difficult to determine what’s actually inside these products when it’s made in another country.

100% Organic

Top CBD oil has to be organic. The brands on our list use only OMRI listed products for organic growing practices. This way, you’ll avoid any harmful pesticides and contaminants that could remain in your CBD oil after extraction.  

However, upon consulting with Koi Naturals, we’ve decided to include them as they’re “in the process” of obtaining the certificate, but we’ll be watching closely. 

Lab Tested

To buy CBD oil of superb quality, always look for unbiased, third-party testing. Oils that present the information directly on their websites get ranked higher. Some producers let you see the lab tests only if you officially ask them, or when you buy the product and check the QR code.  

Top CBD oil companies always conduct third-party lab tests to confirm the exact amount of CBD and THC contained in the oil. They also check to make sure that the oil is free from any harmful contaminants such as foreign matter, heavy metals, bacteria or fungus, pesticides, and residual solvents. 

Moreover, if you know which terpenes and cannabinoids work best for you, (available) online lab results are priceless! Charlotte’s Web is the only oil which doesn’t retain online lab results, but you can get them after the purchase.

Full Spectrum vs. Broad vs. Isolate

What’s the difference between full-spectrum, broad, and isolate CBD? 

  • Full-spectrum refers to the whole plant extract — meaning, it contains all the other plant molecules in addition to pure CBD oil. Full-spectrum oil has heaps of health benefits! It can include 20 essential amino acids, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, B complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A! 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD products are somewhere in between (obviously). They are obtained by stripping full-spectrum oil of all its THC components, while leaving other cannabinoids and terpenes alone.
  • Isolate manufacturers process most of the extra molecules and nutrients out until it leaves 99% (or more) of CBD behind. These are often powdered or mixed with a carrier, such as MCT oil, to be absorbed more easily. They’re meant to deliver doses of CBD without the other cannabinoids, terpenes, or any extra substances.

What Is the Best CBD Oil Regarding Purity?

That depends on you personally, for the most part. 

One study showed the synergistic effects of a full-spectrum oil were greater than an isolate when focused on the treatment of inflammatory conditions. In addition, another study on terpenes showed great overall potential for human health. 

Although there isn’t too much research behind it since the industry is so new, these molecules seem to work better together. This result is commonly referred to as the entourage effect. Overall, we believe full and broad spectrum oils provide the best benefits to most people.

However, your body may react differently; even a tiny trace of THC or a particular terpene could provoke unpleasant CBD oil side effects

A CBD isolate is tasteless, so you can easily add it to both food or drinks. Full and broad-spectrum oil’s earthy taste may be repelling to some. Nevertheless, we’d still opt for oils that provide you with a synergistic effect, so we included only full and broad-spectrum ones in our reviews of CBD oil.


Speaking of taste, that can be solved with the simple help of additives.

For example, some people can’t stand the taste of 100% CBD oil. An added flavor and/or sweetener in oils can help these people take it under the tongue (which is the best way to consume it orally if you need a higher absorption rate). 

The best full spectrum CBD oil can have some additives, but they should be completely harmless and natural. 

Generally, fillers aren’t harmful so as long as they are a natural substance that is commonly ingested. Some additives, like MCT oil, can even amplify the effects of CBD! 

Yet if you’re worried about unnecessary fillers, you should always pay attention to the amount of CBD in the product rather than the total amount of the product itself. This goes for any type of CBD oil.

We chose oils that have fewer additives as we like to keep things as natural as possible.

Variety of Products Offered

The brands selling top rated CBD oil usually have a wide variety of products on offer. 

CBD oil uses are numerous. Its pain management and anxiety-relieving properties are legendary, and it has proven itself helpful in treating epilepsy, ADHD, diabetes, cancer, mental diseases, multiple sclerosis, and even autism

This is achieved by using CBD in various forms: oil, sprays, lozenges, capsules, tinctures, patches, suppositories, gummies, drinks, and so on. 

In this article, we focus solely on CBD which is in its basic, oil form. After all, it is this oil that is added to all the other products you can find online.

Best Value

Our CBD review paints a clear picture in regards to the most optimal value.

Our cost comparison is based on the price of a bottle divided by the milligrams of CBD in that bottle. This shows exactly how much you’re paying for each milligram. We think the amount of CBD you get is far more important than the overall amount of the product. 

That said, oils and tinctures are usually the types of CBD products that have the best CBD oil value. On the other hand, products such as vape oils, supplements, edibles, and patches don’t provide as much value (money-wise). 

Mind you, the manufacturers may alter their prices in the meantime, and we are not to be held responsible for the changes.

How is it then that, in practice, a CBD gummy may be more beneficial to some than a drop of CBD oil taken sublingually? Well, CBD edibles have a prolonged effect due to the slow absorption rate. Those suffering from chronic pain will often choose a cannabis brownie over the standard CBD oil or pill.

Best of the Best

This was particularly hard, but we did try to do our best. These estimates are a mixture of personal experience and customer reviews.

How to Choose CBD Oil for Yourself

CBD Oil Guidelines

If you’re a complete novice, then you should be extra careful. 

  • The first criterion concerns your health. Would you say you’re “perfectly” healthy, or are you suffering from a condition? The second option requires obligatory consultation with your doctor.
  • It’s also important to determine whether you wish/have to take isolates or broad or full-spectrum oil.
  • Think about oil forms. How would you prefer to use that oil (as a tincture, capsule, edible…)?

Finally, choose a suitable CBD product (or more) from our CBD oil ratings and check CBD oil prices and delivery expenses.

CBD Oil Benefits and Treatments

Cannabis CBD oil with or without THC — you can expect wonderful effects either way. We briefly mentioned some of the many benefits CBD possesses. If you’re curious about the details, see how it can help with each of the following categories! 

CBD Oil for Pain

Many have discovered that hemp oil is a natural solution for relieving different types of pain — arthritis, back pain, headaches, spasms, and cancer pain are but a few examples of this. 

Although it’s not a permanent solution, it’s relatively easy to administer and many people prefer it over synthetic medicines. Hence, we supplied you with recommendations of top CBD oil for pain as per customers’ reviews. Athlete endorsement is yet another tell-tale sign of the amazing properties of the oil when it comes to pain relief, as well as aiding in the overall recovery process.

If you don’t know how to use CBD products for pain, don’t worry. Consult a doctor, or experiment. 

  • Sublingual application or vaping should provide instant relief, whereas an edible will last for longer.
  • Suppositories too can be helpful for specific types of pain. 
  • Topical creams, patches, and lotions are good for treating specific sore spots.

CBD Oil for Sleep

The best CBD oil for sleep is usually not too hard to find as this is usually the effect that people notice the quickest. How does CBD oil do it?

For one, CBD helps with disorders that are often connected with sleep deficiency: anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, restless leg syndrome, and so on. CBD oil products can indirectly solve sleep problems by improving these conditions. 

It also helps stimulate energy during the day. This means less daytime sleepiness, which, in turn, creates a healthier sleep routine. 

At the same time, certain CBD oil side effects, such as drowsiness (if taken in high doses), can occur as well. When people experience this, they believe that it’s actually helping them fall asleep. 

CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression

Another huge discovery for cannabidiol oil was its ability to ease anxiety and depression. Just a few drops of a top-notch organic oil such as NuLeaf can give you a clear mind for the day! For someone with these disorders, this is nothing short of a miracle. 

This works because our reactions to stress is yet another function that the endocannabinoid system helps regulate.  

CBD Oil for Skin

CBD oil has been popping up in all kinds of topical treatments — including skincare products. It’s widely believed that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil also work to improve skin issues such as acne or eczema. For years only the best quality CBD oil has been used in the skincare and beauty industries, so it makes sense that CBD can provide benefits to the skin as well!

There are plenty of reviews praising CBD for its effects on the skin. Yet, some people have reported it not working out for them, so it seems like a hit or miss. Even so, it might be worth trying out if nothing else seems to work for you. 

CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil can help calm down your furry friends too! When purchasing these products for your pet, it’s important to make sure that they’re made specifically with pets in mind. 

One of the best CBD brands, Pure Spectrum, even has separate products for cats and dogs. In addition, you want the zero THC one. This ensures that it’s pure, has no harmful additives, and contains 0% THC — you don’t want to accidentally intoxicate your pet! 

CBD oil for anxiety is popular, as well as for any type of pain, irregular bathroom behaviors, cancer, arthritis, and more common pet problems. 

There is a huge number of tinctures and other types of CBD oil products that can help with particular states, but it would be too much to list all of the beneficial effects of CBD oil here.

Is There a Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?

The terms best hemp seed oil and best CBD hemp oil are often used interchangeably. 

Cannabis Sativa is the botanical name of the plant species and it has multiple strains. The two common strains are called industrial hemp (which contains less than 0.3% THC) and marijuana (which generally contains more than 0.3% THC).

Exceptional CBD oil can come from either of these. Hemp seed oil is derived only from hemp seeds, and it contains no CBD. “Hemp oil” is sometimes used to refer to hemp-derived, real CBD oil.

To sum up, we’ve given you comprehensive reviews of hemp CBD oil (but not hemp seed oil, which has no CBD within).

What’s on the Label?

At the moment, these are a bit of a mess. Unfortunately, the US hasn’t legalized cannabis on the federal level and the FDA is, conveniently for some, not in charge of controlling the products. 

As a result, there is no uniform label, so you have to put in the extra effort and decipher the descriptions yourself.

Overall, a high quality CBD oil should contain a label which clearly states the following:

  • Name and place of business (contact info);
  • CBD dosage in milligrams (total milligrams, serving size, how many mg there are in one serving, and a number of such doses);
  • Full-spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate indicator;
  • Batch and lot numbers (so you know where it comes from);
  • Date of manufacture/expiry date (CBD oil deteriorates over time);
  • Third-party approval;
  • List of ingredients;
  • State license number; 
  • Warning or caution notice;
  • Net weight;
  • Suggested method of use.

Sounds like a lot of text on such a tiny label? Not really. Every CBD oil, the best brands at least, has it neatly written down on a small piece of paper.

Last but not least, the stated information should be true and not in opposition to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, is harvested from the flowers and leaves of hemp plants. It is usually mixed with a carrier oil before consumption. CBD oil has a plethora of healing properties! It can help with anxiety, pain management, sleep issues, depression, inflammation, skin problems (like acne), heart health, and more. 

You can enjoy your best brands of CBD oil in various ways — through the oil that you swallow or place under the tongue, through vaping, by eating different foods and drinks, through patches, and so on. 

How does CBD help with so many different problems?

The science behind how CBD works is pretty complex. 

Basically, our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) is fueled by compounds that are fairly similar to those found in the cannabis plant — cannabinoids. This system regulates nearly every important bodily function —  including our mood, energy levels, the immune system, blood pressure, bone density, stress, hunger, and more. 

The reason why the best CBD oil works is because its compounds are similar to that of our ECS. Simply put, when our endocannabinoid system is having issues, CBD oil can swoop in and help out. 

Does CBD get you high? 

Nope! CBD is a non-psychoactive compound (meaning, it doesn’t negatively impact your mind).  

THC is the cannabinoid molecule that has psychoactive properties. More THC is found in cannabis Indica — hence why you feel mental slowness and intoxication when using it. 

THC gets you high because it activates the CB1 receptors, which are mostly located in the brain and nervous system. This is the receptor that stimulates intoxication. On the other hand, the best pure CBD oil actually prohibits these receptors — instead, they link with the CB2 receptors, which are more widely spread throughout the body. 

Is CBD oil legal? 

CBD products with absolutely no THC in them are legal in all 50 states! 

In the 11 states where marijuana is fully legal, you can purchase CBD with any THC content so as long as you’re over 18 years of age. 

Other than this, it gets a little complicated. Most states have legalized the medicinal use of CBD and collect high marijuana tax revenues, while others have not. 

Why does some CBD oil contain THC? 

Like with the other molecules of the cannabis plant, CBD and THC work better together. 

For example, CBD has shown to increase the power of THC’s anti-inflammatory properties. They’ve also found that a combination of the two is more beneficial for neuropathic pain. In addition, scientists established that a mixture of THC and CBD showed increased anti-tumoral effects than when either one was used in isolation.

Although it’s a tad bit better when you’re able to find high-quality full spectrum CBD oil for sale, many companies (such as CBDistillery) stick to 0% THC as it still has all the health benefits, can be sold online, and is legal in all 50 states. 

What is the best way to use CBD oil?


Shots are the most direct way since 100% of the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. Nevertheless, it’s a far cry from the most popular method.

Oral (Swallowed)

Even the best capsules, gummies, edibles, and other oral consumption methods will be less effective — only 4–20% of the CBD will eventually reach your bloodstream.

However, the effects of ingesting CBD orally last longer than most methods. Peak bloodstream levels are reported anywhere between 1–6 hours. 

Oral (Sublingual)

This oral consumption method is accomplished by placing the oil under the tongue and is slightly more effective (the sublingual artery absorbs CBD quicker) than other oral methods. 

You can dissolve oils, tinctures, sprays, or lozenges; absorption rates are about 12–35%.

By the way, CBD oil companies use the terms “oil” and “tincture” interchangeably.


Only the best CBD oil company products are good enough for vaping. Lack of regulations and great popularity of vaping led to a surge of poor quality vape products, which eventually led to the EVALI outbreak (a lung disease caused by acute poisoning).

Provided that you’re using top-quality products, vaping could be the best consumption method as it has an absorption rate of 34–46%. This is because it gets straight to the lungs, allowing CBD to enter the bloodstream a lot faster.  

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

When it comes to CBD oil, the best absorption method is probably this one right here; yet, opinions do differ on this. Companies such as NanoCraft swear by it. This oil has a nearly 100% absorption rate (even when taken orally) — hence why it’s so often suggested as the best way to take CBD oil.

Our bodies are mostly made of water, and you know that water and oil don’t mix. That’s why you have to make fat molecules around CBD smaller to increase the rate of absorption. Nano CBD oil is regular CBD hemp oil with an extra step — the CBD molecules are coated with a layer of tiny, microscopic spheres of some form of fat. This makes the molecules smaller and easier to absorb into the bloodstream, which is why some consider it the best CBD oil to buy.  

This type of CBD is a tad more expensive and harder to find, but it might be worth it since you use it up to 5 times less! 

Topical Treatments 

CBD is often added to creams or other products that are applied to the skin. This is used primarily for skin issues or pain management and helps target certain areas of the body better than other methods. For these treatments, the absorption rate is fairly low and won’t enter the bloodstream (except for CBD patches). There are all kinds of unique products like this — even CBD bath bombs! 

If you’re targeting a specific sore spot on your skin, the best CBD oil for inflammation is usually the best course of action.


These had better be made of CBD oil of the highest quality as you’ll be inserting it into sensitive areas — some additives could cause irritation.

These are one of the least popular methods, and we can understand why. It is a good choice when it comes to menstrual cramps because it’s inserted through the vagina (or through the rectum). Also, for some, it may be the only suitable method of pain relief.

What are the side effects of CBD oil? 

CBD is a pretty safe substance. Even though you could experience some side effects from higher doses, you can never lethally overdose. Buying products only from the best brand of CBD oil also makes sure you don’t get any side effects from harmful additives.

Although side effects are rarely reported, CBD might trigger drowsiness, anxiety, change in appetite, change in mood, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, or vomiting. 

The most important factor is your medication. If you’re taking anything else, be sure to check with your doctor before taking CBD as it could negatively interact with some medications

How much CBD should I take?

The general rule of thumb says that you should start with the smallest CBD oil dosage and then increase it gradually and monitor the changes.

This depends largely on your health and body weight, and if you’re suffering from a condition. The oils from our review have different concentrations. In human studies, the usual minimal dosage is 20mg per day, while the maximum amount applied was 1500mg per day. 

Where can I buy CBD oil

CBD with 0% THC is very easy to find. You can purchase it online, in vitamin or medicine stores, even some department stores. Certain grocery stores are starting to display CBD-infused products, and there are even stores dedicated primarily to hemp and CBD popping up all around the US! 

If it’s a full-spectrum oil with THC higher than 0.3%, then it can only be purchased at a brick-and-mortar dispensary. 

Can you buy CBD oil at Walgreens? Yes, you can, but not in every state, and not all the CBD oil-infused products. These are mostly topical creams, patches, and sprays. 

How much does CBD oil cost and is it expensive?

On the one hand, you can find bottles of 30ml costing less than $30, but that largely depends on the CBD oil brand/quality, and how much CBD it contains.

Is it expensive? Some CBD brands are more expensive than others, true, but what is perhaps the most important thing is the fact that expenses for some diseases are much higher compared to how much you spend on CBD to solve health issues.

Which CBD oil is best for vaping?

This depends on what you’re looking for. A few of the brands on our list offer great vape oils to choose from! Also, many vape oils come in fun flavors that might be worth trying out. 

Like we’ve mentioned before, the most important factor to be aware of is the amount of CBD that is actually present in the oil, and that it is of the highest quality. There are also disposable vape pens, but these are typically the worst value and you don’t want to risk EVALI.

Can we use the best CBD oil for sleep

Yes! While many people smoke marijuana before bed to fight insomnia, cannabis oil has similar benefits without any of the other effects you’ll experience with THC. 

CBD can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It interacts with many different receptors, proteins, and other chemicals in the brain. Since it has the ability to reduce a variety of issues that can prevent or disturb sleep (such as anxiety or pain), taking it for these issues can also improve sleep difficulties as well. Smaller doses stimulate alertness and reduce daytime sleepiness, which helps create a healthier sleep cycle.

In addition, when combined with melatonin, the best CBD oil products help create a more structured sleep cycle. Higher doses of the oil can cause drowsiness, so some even find it great on its own when employed as a sleeping aid. 

Which is the best CBD oil for cancer?

First of all, there is no such thing as CBD oil that is labeled as “oil for cancer.” According to research and testimonies, there have been different experiences regarding the content or ratio of CBD and THC in cannabis oil. In short, high THC–CBD ratios were advisable in some cases.

One of the reviewed oils did mention that oil could help cancer treatment, but it’s more of a suggestion than a final statement. Basically, if anyone dares to write something like “best CBD oil for diabetes” or “cancer” on their label, that brand will get punished by the FDA.

Final Recommendations

We’ve done some extensive research on the offer of CBD oils on the market. The types of CBD oil we have presented come from reliable suppliers and you should have no issues using them.

That said, we do remind you that every person and their ECS system is unique. As a result, the CBD oil effects may differ from person to person. The “best CBD oil for back pain” for one person could be the best in terms of anxiety issues for another, or it can even do nothing at all!

CBD oil has wonderful health benefits, but it’s not without its fair share side effects. This goes for perfectly healthy individuals as well. If you’re using any medications, do consult your physician about the therapy beforehand.

Additionally, to find one’s best CBD oil, it takes meticulous research and monitoring. The research part is almost done — see the list and the guide above. The only thing left is to decide which consumption method and dosage works best in your case.

Disclaimer: CBD oil is currently not approved by the FDA. You are using the products at your own responsibility. Always consult with a licensed physician if you have any qualms or doubts about using CBD oil. There may be some changes of the products by the companies themselves after the publishing date.