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Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals

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Shop CBD Lollipops at Hemp Bombs and Get Free Shipping on Orders $75+
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals

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Shop CBD Sleep Gummies at Hemp Bombs and Get Free Shipping on Orders $75+
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals

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Shop CBD Capsules at Hemp Bombs and Get Free Shipping on Orders $75+
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals


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Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals

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Shop High Potency CBD Gummies at Hemp Bombs and Get Free Shipping on Orders $50+
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals

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Free 2-Day Shipping on Orders $125 or More
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals

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Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals

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Save 35% Off Gummies and Capsules
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals

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Free Shipping on All U.S. Orders $50+.
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals
Hemp Bombs Coupons & Deals

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2nd Day Shipping on Any Order for Just $20

Want to shop at Hemp Bombs? Get our Hemp Bombs coupon and avoid paying the full price! While you’re at it, try the brand’s selection of high- and low-strength CBD products and let the amazing CBD oil benefits change your life! 

Hemp Bombs’ awesome range of products is great for anyone coping with anxiety and sleeping problems. Not only that, but users say they’re also great for other health issues as well.

Global Widget LLC, who owns Hemp Bombs, is dedicated to making pure hemp and wellness products. This is one of the many reasons their products are a part of our Best CBD Gummies and Best CBD Vape Oils lists.

So, be quick, grab our coupon code and discover your best Hemp Bombs products!

Hemp Bombs Coupon Code for 2020

Every couponing master knows that there are two types of coupons: in-store versions and their online counterparts. Moreover, you can find them virtually anywhere.

In-store coupons are usually printed in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, but you can also find them on some couponing websites and print them out yourself. Some companies will even send you a coupon via mail.

Online coupons are even easier to find. You can get them on a brand’s official website, social media account, or by subscribing to their newsletters. You can also get them by visiting third-party websites, such as ours, where you can get Hemp Bombs discount codes for various deals, sales, and discounts.

Now, finding a good deal can be really exciting, so people tend to forget a few essential things. Luckily, we’re here to remind you of them. Before you apply your code, check your coupon for:

  • The Expiration Date: the first thing you need to pay close attention to is your coupon’s expiration date. Your coupon has to be valid in order to get that sweet Hemp Bombs discount. Expired coupons and sales codes can’t be extended or renewed in the vast majority of cases, so you’ll lose the right for said coupon if you don’t pay close attention to the dates.
  • Coupon Restrictions: some coupons may have special restrictions — these may apply to specific areas, a single product, or an entire product category. There may even be a minimum purchase amount or the total number of uses per person. Your Hemp Bombs coupon code may also be limited by the method of shipping, so inspect the purchase conditions and restrictions carefully.
  • Specific Instructions: besides restrictions and limitations, coupons may come with specific instructions you need to follow to redeem your code. For example, companies may ask you to buy an item to qualify for a discount, like their social media pages, posts, or something along the lines.

Types of Hemp Bombs Coupons

Until very recently, you could buy Hemp Bombs at Walmart and use their in-store coupons and credit. However, the brand now offers primarily online coupons.

There are online coupons from verified third-party websites, like ours. There are also newsletter subscription coupons, first purchase coupons, codes that can be found on review blogs, and so on. You could even get a discount code for filling out a survey.

These deals will save you anywhere between 10% to 50% on a particular item, on bundles, sitewide, or even on shipping.

How to Find a Hemp Bombs Coupon

Finding a coupon code for a Hemp Bombs product is relatively easy. The first places you should check are the brand’s official website and its dedicated social media pages.

Hemp Bombs has a page dedicated to promo codes and coupons on their website, where you’ll find a complimentary 10% off. The page also gives info on their newsletter subscription and social media contests and giveaways.

Follow the brand’s social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as they post coupons fairly often; usually, these are Hemp Bombs 25% off discounts.

Coupon Codes for Subscribing to a Newsletter

Subscribing to a brand’s newsletter is also never a bad idea as, in this case, you’ll get a Hemp Bombs coupon code for 15% off your first purchase.

As soon as you land on the homepage, there will be a pop-up notification allowing you to enter your email and become a subscriber. In case you don’t get the notification, you can scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and enter your email address. Don’t worry if you land on some other page, clicking the Hemp Bombs logo will take you straight back to the homepage wherever you are on the website.

Hemp Bombs newsletter subscribers get a sneak peek at new products, exclusive offers, latest industry news, codes, and there may even be a Hemp Bombs returning customer coupon at times.

How to Redeem a Hemp Bombs Discount Code

Redeeming your code is easy peasy, and can be done in a few quick steps.

  • Select the product you want to purchase, choose the flavor, strength, size, and add it to your cart.
  • This will take you straight to your cart. From there, you can choose to continue shopping or review and edit your order.
  • You’ll also be able to enter your gift card or Hemp Bombs gummies coupon code, for instance, and apply the discount.
  • After applying the code, you’ll see your new total and shipping costs.
  • This page also has a useful shipping calculator where you can calculate shipping for your state/country.
  • Once again, review everything and proceed to checkout.
  • If you forgot to enter your coupon on the previous step, a little banner will remind you.
  • Enter your billing info, place the order, and your Hemp Bombs products will be at your door in a couple of days.

Other Information About Coupon Codes

You should note that the brand frequently provides gifts with their discount codes. Usually, it’s their Hemp Bombs CBD patch, and you don’t have to apply any other special code to redeem the prize.

Moreover, ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, the brand has been giving gifts with their “Stay Calm” coupon codes to help people fight anxiety and stress.

How to Save Without a Hemp Bombs Coupon/Promo Codes

Even though Hemp Bombs offers promo codes more often than any other CBD company, the codes aren’t available 24/7. Lucky for us, the brand celebrates all major holidays and events with generous discounts, sales, giveaways, and contests.

Seasonal and Holiday Sales, Discounts, and Deals

Apart from the traditional Hemp Bombs sitewide birthday sale, the brand often celebrates the end of the week or a month with an awesome Hemp Bomb sale. In addition to its annual Fall sale, the brand also offers:

  • Independence Day deals
  • Father’s Day deals (free patches for each purchase and 25% off)
  • Memorial Day sale
  • Cinco de Mayo sale and gifts
  • Mother’s Day sale
  • Easter sale
  • World Sleep Day sale (15% off on the entire sleep collection)
  • Leap year sale
  • Valentine’s Day sale
  • Martin Luther King Day sale
  • New Year sale
  • Christmas sale
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales
  • Halloween sale
  • Labor Day sale


We already mentioned it, but you should definitely follow Hemp Bombs on all social media platforms. Not only do they post useful podcasts and articles related to cannabinoids, but they also post weekly and monthly contests where you can win some neat products.

Just note that when it comes to Hemp Bombs, full-spectrum products aren’t their forte; they’re predominantly broad spectrum.

Additionally, they also have:

  • World Social Media Day contest
  • Best Friends Day contest
  • May the 4th be with you contest
  • New Year New You contest
  • Valentine’s Day giveaway
  • Photo contests
  • Hemptoberfest (which lasts a few days and includes giveaways, discounts, and deals)
  • Mystery prize giveaways
  • Flash giveaways

Daily Product Specials

Daily product sales are also featured on the brand’s website, near the bottom of the homepage. Each day there’s one discounted product at a special price.


There’s currently no referral program.

Discount Clubs and Reward Points

The brand also offers no reward point for purchases, but there are several discount programs.

Hemp Bombs Senior Discount Program

All citizens 55+ years of age are eligible for a 15% senior discount. The discount is lifelong and applies to all Hemp Bombs products. All you need to do is apply for the discount and Hemp Bombs will take care of the rest.

First Responders Discount Program

First responders, namely firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, 911 dispatchers, police officers, and retirees are eligible for a 15% lifelong discount. If you qualify for the discount, apply on their website, and enjoy their CBD products.

Hemp Bombs Veteran Discount Program

Veterans, active-duty personnel, retired military, military spouses, and dependents also qualify for a 15% lifelong discount at Hemp Bombs. Just fill out the application on the Hemp Bombs website and they’ll send you your code.

Affiliate Program

Apart from giving you a chance to save your money with deals, coupons, and sales, Hemp Bombs also offers you a chance to earn easy money!

Become a Hemp Bombs affiliate and you have a chance to earn a 20% commission.

Free Shipping

The brand offers free shipping on all US orders over $75. But don’t worry if you don’t qualify for it; you can often find Hemp Bombs coupon codes for free shipping on the brand’s social media pages.

Warranty, Trial, and Return Policy

Hemp Bombs has a 30-day satisfaction-guaranteed money-back policy. If you, for whatever reason, don’t like their products, Hemp Bombs will fully refund you within 30 days of your purchase if you bought the products directly from their website.

However, if you purchased the products from a third-party website, you will have to contact that particular retailer for a refund or an exchange.

Hemp Bombs CBD Really Is the Bomb

A Hemp Bombs coupon is a great way to try out premium CBD products without breaking the bank. You can have the best CBD gummies, topicals, oils, vapes, and even apparel at an affordable price.

So go on, grab this discount and enjoy all the amazing Hemp Bombs products!