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Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals

Up To 55% Off

Take Up To 55% Off With Promo Code
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals

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Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals

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Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals

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Extra 10% Off Sitewide
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals

10% Off

Extra 10% Off Sitewide
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals

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Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals

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Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals

10% Off

10% Off Sitewide
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals

10% Off

Save 10% Off Storewide
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals
Smoke Cartel Coupons & Deals

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Not only do they offer amazing products but there are also plenty of Smoke Cartel coupon codes and deals, making the products even more budget-friendly for customers. Smoke Cartel is a popular online store for water pipe, bongs, and other smoking accessories founded in 2013 in Savannah, GA. This brand focuses on providing its customers with high-quality dab rigs, oils, spoons, bubblers, water pipes, glass pipes, and similar accessories. 

This company offered around 37 codes just in the past year and is known as the most active retailer, offering amazing coupons and discount codes. They also have dedicated clearance and sale pages in which they offer further promotions. Let’s take a look at the various deals and offerings you can redeem with a Smoke Cartel promo code

What Does the Smoke Cartel Provide?

They are popular for:

They specialize in: 

  • Bongs
  • Hand pipes
  • Vapes
  • Rigs
  • CBD products including Hemp oil, consumable CDB, skincare and health care, vapes, and more. 

Price range — affordable compared to other products in the same area of operation, particularly considering the many discounts and deals they offer on their site for their customers. 

Smoke Cartel Coupon/Promo Code 2020 

Here’s all you need to know about the Smoke Cartel coupon for 2020, including other deals and discounts:

Types of Coupons 

Let’s have a look at the latest Smoke Cartel coupon code list on offer:

Subscription Coupons 

Firstly, you can avail a 5% discount by simply subscribing to Smoke Cartel. Go to their website, type in your email address, and hit sign up. This is a Smoke Cartel sitewide discount code, meaning you can use it on any products. 

Online Coupons

Which Smoke Cartel discount code can you get? Take a look at the following:

  • Get a 15% off on all items on the store by using the code 420COUNTDOWN.
  • Get 10% off by using the code IMARIJUANIT at the checkout. 
  • Get 12% off on all vapes by using Smoke Cartel vaporizers coupon code 420VAPES.

There are many more online coupons available.  

Flash Deals 

Want to know about Smoke Cartel best deals? Head to their flash deals and you will get amazing products at extremely affordable prices. The items for flash deals are selected randomly, and only for a limited time. So, make sure you check often. 

Clearance Sale 

This one is for all the bargain hunters. offers amazing items for their clearance sale with unbelievable prices. The best part? They give you an additional 20% off the clearance deals with a special code. 

Bargain Deals

Looking for good deals on bongs? Smoke Cartel has a separate bargain deal section for those looking for bongs on a budget. You can get a good quality bong for under $99! 

Monthly Subscriptions

Aside from all the amazing discounts and deals, Smoke Cartel also offers its customers monthly subscription boxes! There are four different options available in different price ranges, starting from $19.99 to $99.99. There is something for everyone. 


Smoke Cartel even gives you a chance to hook your friends up with their amazing items, and that too with a discount! You can spread the word and make the most of their referral program. For each successful referral, you will get 500 points that you can use for free products or other discounts. Even your friend will get a 5% discount on the purchase.   

So, which of the Smoke Cartel Coupons is best? It depends on the products you want to purchase. These coupons and codes can definitely get you an amazing deal. 

Discount Clubs and Reward Points 

Smoke Cartel has a point system through which customers can earn points that can be spent on free products, discounts, and more! Each purchase earns you 5 points, and you can get more points through a referral program, or by leaving reviews. 

Here are the three best ways of earning more points:

  • Leave Product Reviews 

If you write a product review, after purchasing the products then you can earn 25 points for it. 

  • Review on Social Networks

Leaving your honest review on Facebook, Yelp, or other social networks can earn you 100 points. Don’t forget to email them the link!

  • Video Reviews

You can earn 250 points if you review their products on a video and upload it on YouTube. You can share your experience or do a demo or an unboxing. Email them the link and your points will be updated.

Free Shipping 

The company offers free shipping. However, Smoke Cartel free shipping only applies on all orders over $300, which means you will be saving up on the shipping charges. 

How to Find Coupon Codes

Smoke Cartel has a page dedicated to coupons and discounts, which they have complied with a list of deals and discount codes. Want more? There is a complimentary promo code to get a further 5% off! 

How Do I Get the Latest Deals From Smoke Cartel?

Want to stay updated about all the discounts, deals, and the latest coupon codes? All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and we will send you regular updates about the best possible deals you can get from Smoke Cartel. 

Warranty, Trial, and Return Policy 

In case the products you receive are damaged or defective, Smoke Cartel encourages customers to contact their customer service immediately. All the unused items, with their unopened and original packaging, can be returned within 30 days of placing an order. No used items can be returned.  

International orders cannot be returned either, all the purchases will be final. 

How to Redeem Promo Codes 

Here is how you can redeem the 2020 coupon codes:

1.Select the items you want to purchase in the shopping cart. 

  1. When you are done shopping, click on “view cart” and it will take you to the checkout page.
  2. Find the “discount code” or “promo code” box and paste the code. Click “Apply.”
  3. The discount will be applied to your total cost.
  4. Click on “check out” and enjoy the discount. 

What Do People Think About Smoke Cartel?

Smoke Cartel has earned a good reputation due to its focus on high-quality products and exceptional customer service. There are numerous customer reviews the company has been receiving since its launch. We are compiling a few screenshots of these reviews to help you make an informed decision, so you can make the best use of your Smoke Cartel coupon codes. 

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Here is a screenshot of reviews from

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