20,000 UK Patients Will Undergo Medicinal Cannabis Trial

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The Royal College of Psychiatrists is supporting the biggest project on cannabis use in Europe, which is expected to last for two years. Up to 20,000 patients will be given cannabis, over the course of this period, with hopes of persuading the NHS to start prescribing medicinal cannabis-based products for a variety of conditions.

Even though medicinal cannabis was legalized in the UK last year, it’s still not available for the vast majority of patients who need it. As a result, these patients are often left untreated or are in great debt due to the cost of private prescriptions, as Professor David Nutt from the independent scientific body, Drug Science, stated. Drug Science is the organization standing behind the launch of Project Twenty21 that will supply some 20,000 patients with various medicinal cannabis products.

It’s expected that these patients will get their supplies by the end of 2021.

Despite medicinal cannabis being legalized in the UK, the doctors have been extremely cautious of prescribing it to patients. However, this study hopes to break the prejudice and make this alternative medicine widely available to everyone who needs it. The study also wants to make medical cannabis affordable, just like any other prescription medication.

This study will observe the effects medicinal cannabis has on patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic pain, Tourette’s syndrome, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The study will also observe the effects of medical cannabis on people who used to suffer from substance abuse.

It’s expected that this particular project will inspire other similar projects and trials, and together they will gather enough evidence to support the efficiency of cannabis-based medicinal products for various mental and physical health conditions. Hopefully, it will be a success.

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