2020 Elections : The War on Drugs Lost

Politics News - 2020 Elections : The War on Drugs Lost

After the longest, most nerve-wracking vote count in US History, the 2020 presidential elections claimed an unconventional winner cannabis!

Indeed, every single one of the five proposed cannabis initiatives in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota passed on Election Day. 

In Mississippi, Americans gained access to medicinal marijuana.

In Arizona, Montana, and South Dakota, voters approved the possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use, as well as establishing a cannabis retail market.

In the state of New Jersey, almost 67% of voters answered “yes” on the ballot question concerning marijuana legalization. 

As for South Dakota — it is officially the first American state to legalize both medicinal and recreational cannabis use, all in one go!

Plus, in Oregon, much like in Virginia earlier this summer, cannabis possession (as well as cocaine and heroin possession) were all decriminalized.

Hence, at the moment, almost one-third of American adults can legally use cannabis for recreation (15 states), and over two-thirds can use it for medical purposes (39 states).

However, there is no end in sight for the nationwide decriminalization trend, especially now with pro-cannabis politicians like Sen. Kamala Harris getting more political power.

A quick reminder — Sen. Harris was the chief Senate sponsor of the MORE Act and a co-sponsor for the SAFE Banking Act, both of which promote the decriminalization and the distribution of cannabis.

What’s more, cannabis may, in fact, be a good means of economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic — according to Gov. Tom Wolf at least. And despite the restrictions on the federal level, Americans are united like never before, hoping to end the war on cannabis once and for all.