$2,500 College Scholarship Awarded by Happy Valley

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Just recently, the first-ever $2,500 college scholarship was awarded to Cullen Vujosevic of New Mexico. Happy Valley — the Newburyport-based cannabis company that provided the scholarship — asked participants to submit an essay concerning medical marijuana and the stoner stereotype, for which Vujosevic had the best answer.

Happy Valley is a retailer and vertically integrated manufacturer of genetically validated adult-use and medical cannabis products. And according to the company, the best essay needs to educate others about the advantages of using cannabis for medical purposes. In addition, it should inform the public about the changing perception of medical cannabis use.

Hundreds of college students submitted their essays. Yet, it was Vujosevic’s captivating, concise, and sincere example of what it means to use medical cannabis responsibly that won the day. According to Gregg Weiss, the VP of Marketing at Happy Valley, the company is truly ecstatic about being able to offer a scholarship of $2,500. He further explained that changing the stigma for recreational and legal medical cannabis users is the responsibility of the booming cannabis industry. 

Cullen Vujosevic was pleasantly surprised that a cannabis company would offer a scholarship prize. In a statement, the winner thanked Happy Valley for being supportive of college students and for helping him achieve his goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Vujosevic admitted that he aspires to help anyone with a medical cannabis recommendation that needs it. I