27 Powerful Females to Speak About Cannabis in Las Vegas

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Did you know that females account for over a third of all executive positions in the cannabis industry? In recent years, the cannabis industry proved to be a great, yet challenging, opportunity for powerful women looking to establish new companies and step into leadership roles.

Today, even though women are working extremely hard and are giving all of their heart and soul into turning cannabis mainstream, the numbers are showing a significant decline. For instance, less than 3% of the total venture funding belongs to females. To be frank, the cannabis space is beginning to resemble every other industry in the world.

However, perhaps the following talk will be inspiring enough to bring in some changes.

Without further ado, let’s take inspiration from several 27 powerful women who will speak up at the Cannabis Conference 2020 on April 21–23 in Las Vegas.

These females will discuss a wide variety of topics such as pest control and illness challenges in cultivating hemp, helpful tips on retaining staff at the dispensary, as well as terpene and cannabinoid science.

Three of the women we would like to mention, in particular, include Dr. Leslie Apgar (Greenhouse Wellness), Debby Goldsberry (Magnolia Wellness), and Tina Gordon (Moon Made Farms).

  • Dr. Apgar is the medical director and co-founder of Greenhouse Wellness, and the co-founder of the female-oriented cannabis line called Blissiva.
  • Goldsberry is the executive director of the outstanding dispensary located in Oakland, Magnolia Wellness, as well as the co-founder of Berkeley Patients Group.
  • Gordon is the owner and founder of Sun and Earth Certified farm, Moon Made Farms, located in Southern Humboldt County. Furthermore, Gordon is the co-owner of Vapor Room, as well as the founder of the Cannabis Farmers Association.

Today, on International Women’s Day, let’s draw some inspiration from the women who are doing their best to aid the cannabis industry and diminish gender inequality.

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