43% of Marijuana Users Enjoy It Before Going to Work

Lifestyle News - 43% of Marijuana Users Enjoy It Before Going to Work

The San Francisco-based cannabis delivery company, Eaze, conducted a survey on its 1,1000 customers to show exactly how people integrate cannabis into various parts of their daily routines.

Namely, the survey’s main goal was to highlight the crossover between cannabis and certain activities, such as work, fitness, and intimacy, debunking the myth that all cannabis users are couch-locked stoners.

So, what can we learn from the survey’s results?

Well, for starters:

  • 43% of users enjoy the benefits of marijuana before going to work. 
  • 36% love experiencing a “productive high.” 
  • 22% use marijuana for mental health issues, such as stress.
  • 17% use cannabis to simply have “more fun.” 
  • 12% use marijuana to help them with sleeping problems.

Clearly, responsible adults also use cannabis, and it does not stop them from going to work or being less productive.

Additionally, when it comes to incorporating cannabis into their daily routines, the results suggest that:

  • 79% of the surveyed use marijuana before sex.
  • 64% love to listen to music or enjoy art while using cannabis.
  • 40% use marijuana when starting a new hobby or skill.
  • 37% enjoy cooking while using cannabis.
  • 37% of the polled responders use cannabis when working out. 

Again, according to the above-mentioned results, people use marijuana for various reasons; other than being a couch potato! Particularly the 37% of surveyees who used cannabis when working out.

Hopefully, more such surveys are conducted in the near future to bring much-needed awareness on the topic of cannabis use!