471 Pounds of Cannabis Seized from Two Brothers

Politics News - 471 Pounds of Cannabis Seized from Two Brothers

Two brothers from Akwesasne (on the Canadian border) — Tyren A. Terrance and Tevin L. Terrance — were arrested after the police found nearly a quarter-ton of cannabis stashed in their cars. 

Around 9:30 AM on Thursday, the police spotted two vehicles making numerous traffic violations on State Route 30. After the cars were pulled over by the police, the officers instantly noticed the smell of cannabis coming from the vehicles. 

According to police reports, when both vehicles were thoroughly searched, multiple bags of cannabis were found inside. And, believe it or not, the officers managed to seize around 471 pounds of weed!

The two culprits were both accused of the exact same charges. More specifically, the Terrance siblings were charged with first-degree criminal possession of cannabis. If the siblings are found guilty, they may each get a sentence of about 15 years, based on that state’s sentencing guidelines.

At any rate, it seems that charges for marijuana possession (and marijuana usage) are extremely common all across the globe

For instance, just recently, customs officers at the Bermudian airport claimed that they found one arrival with cartridges and plant material with high concentrations of THC — the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. According to a Bermuda Police Service spokesman, these items were found during a routine luggage checkup of one of the flight passengers. And, according to sources, the passenger in question is a US national. Hence, the person was arrested for importing the substance but was later bailed.