5 Top Holiday Destinations for Cannabis Lovers

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It’s a well-known fact that cannabis fans are always ready for an adventure and trying out new stuff. That’s exactly why weed destinations are one of the fastest-growing trends on Earth!

So, put your day-dreams into high gear and check this list of some of the best destinations for a cannabis holiday on the planet!

1. Colorado, USA

Colorado was the first US state to legalize the recreational use and sale of cannabis. Namely, the US represents the largest market for medicinal cannabis; seeing how the government also supports the cultivation of cannabis, it’s grown all around the state.

There are numerous stores that sell cannabis, yet consuming is forbidden at the place of purchase. However, there are also various lounges where you can smoke and fun tours.

2. Vancouver, Canada

Recreational marijuana has been legalized all across Canada. Medicinal cannabis had already been legalized, but with the legalization of recreational marijuana in July 2018, the country has been crowded with tourists. Vancouver and British Columbia Island are especially popular and are perfect for all cannabis fans.

3. Spain

Madrid and Barcelona are packed with marijuana social clubs and the only thing that the Spanish authorities require is a paid membership. Of course, the clubs are hidden from the public eye and every region has its own restrictions and rules, but they offer a great variety of high-quality stuff.

Nevertheless, the activation of the membership for these clubs may take up to two weeks — hence why it’s important to plan your trip around the date when your membership starts.

4. The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations for all marijuana fans. Since the 70s their police have been following the guidelines given by their government — ignore the coffee shops that sell cannabis.

Commercial cultivation of marijuana is forbidden, but still, the Netherlands accumulates enormous revenue from cannabis sales all the same.

5. Jamaica

The cradle of the Rastafarian religion and reggae music, Jamaica’s unofficial symbol might as well be marijuana. The plant has always been a vital part of Jamaica’s rich culture and a huge inspiration for reggae. Although marijuana hasn’t been formally legalized (yet) but only decriminalized, the locals will eagerly help you find some discreet place to smoke some of the best marijuana in the world.

Possession of up to two ounces (57g) is legal, and you can enjoy it at home or at licensed dispensaries.

Despite the fact that all of these places are friendly towards tourists who want to enjoy cannabis, you should still get acquainted with their rules and laws before traveling to the said destinations.

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