50% Of Americans Believe Cannabis Is Harmful for Society

Lifestyle News - 50% Of Americans Believe Cannabis Is Harmful for Society

According to one poll conducted on 1,013 Americans, 49% of respondents believe marijuana has a positive effect on society, and 50% claim it harms society. However, as many as 68% think cannabis should become legal.

As one might expect, the great majority (70%) of those who have tried marijuana think its effects are beneficial. On the other hand, 72% of people who haven’t tried cannabis believe it to be bad for society.

The results also suggest that younger people are more likely to consume marijuana, either by smoking it or eating it in the form of edibles.

Out of all adults aged 18-34, 30% reported smoking marijuana, and 22% said they consume edibles.

That is, 30% of 18-to-34-year-olds smoke cannabis, while 22% consume edibles. In comparison, 16% of adults aged 35 to 54 smoke and/or ingest edibles, while only 7% of Americans over 55 use marijuana.

Interestingly, only 57% of marijuana smokers consume edibles, even though the majority of people who eat edibles are also pot smokers.

The study also shows men are more likely than women to say they have tried cannabis (53% vs. 43%).

Yet, both genders report smoking marijuana and consuming cannabis-infused edibles at similar rates — 18% vs. 14% and 14% vs. 13%.

Regarding education levels, people with a college degree are about as likely as those without one to have tried marijuana — 47% vs. 52%.