57 LA Cannabis Businesses to Lose Their Licenses in 2021

Industry News - 57 LA Cannabis Businesses to Lose Their Licenses in 2021

Without a way to get their licenses reinstated, some 57 Los Angeles cannabis companies could lose their business permits for good.

In fact, this figure makes roughly 14% of all LA marijuana business permits (418 in total), according to the LA Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR).

Most of these businesses had trouble renewing their licenses for 2020 before November 2; they were supposed to pay their fees and get their paperwork before the allotted date, but for whatever reason failed to do so. Now, the main issue is the regulation that doesn’t allow late renewals or reinstatements in the city of LA. 

Seeing how there is no way to get their permits now, as soon as the year ends, these businesses will have to cease operating and stay clear of any kind of commercial cannabis activity until they resubmit a new application to the DCR and get a new temporary approval issued. 

However, there seems to be a glimmer of hope. The City Council has a motion pending that could save the 57 businesses in question. Namely, the motion is supposed to prolong the payment period for when you can settle license fees and fill the necessary renewal paperwork.

As such, businesses have until February to sort things out. Yet, the City Council is adjourned until January 8; meaning, the permits will still expire before anything can be done.

Overall, these 57 businesses failed to pay their renewal fees ($2,233 per license), even though they received multiple emails and reminders.