62 Tons of Weed Found in an Illicit Farm in Douglas County

Industry News - 62 Tons of Weed Found in an Illicit Farm in Douglas County

What was initially a search for organized crime in Douglas County led to an ever bigger find for the authorities — a humongous illicit farm containing a whopping 123,900 pounds of weed!

As per the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the 22 acres-large pot farm located on tribal land is the largest illegal cultivation facility found in the County thus far.

Not only that, but it was also the biggest local employer, too. Likewise, law enforcers found no less than 80 workers that were held for questioning. Two of them were even arrested for crimes unrelated to cannabis.

Authorities first heard about the site last summer but waited in the hope of catching the kingpins. Finally, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, the DEA, the FBI, and at least four other local and national law enforcers took action to end the cannabis farming of an impressive 62 tons!

Clearly, the fact that marijuana has been legal for recreational use since 2017 did nothing to eradicate the Illicit marijuana farms in Nevada, and as per stats, in other “cannabis states.”

For example, only last year, California’s federal and local agencies destroyed 1.1 million illicit plants in about 445 grow sites during a 13-week long action. Plus, who can forget the case with the man who turned his grandma’s bungalow into a $100.000 worth weed farm?

For now, it’s unclear where this illicit cannabis was going to be sold, but the ongoing investigation will undoubtedly answer some questions.

Apart from the US market, legal and illicit marijuana usually ends up in Mexico, as per the latest weed trafficking course.

However, the fate of these plants was rather different. Namely, Nevada authorities, and quite a few other national law enforcers including the ICE and the EPA, destroyed the plants and buried them deep underground.