8 Cool Early Holiday Gifts for Stoners

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Are you one of those people who simply cannot wait for the holiday season to waltz in? Have you already decorated your house and brought out the Christmas tree, despite there still being a couple of weeks until Christmas? But, most important of all, what kind of gifts will you be handing out during this most wonderful time of year?

If you have a passionate stoner friend in your close circle, then chill out — we got you covered!

Here are some of the wackiest and most useful gadgets for cannabis enthusiasts:

  • A practical rolling tray (link)

This baby will keep runaway buds from making a huge mess of the room. It’s not only handy for easier cleanup, but it also looks great.

  • A flame-free E-Lighter (link)

Individuals who are sick and tired of lighters, or those who lose them all the time, should definitely get an E-lighter, as it comes with a rechargeable battery supply.

  • A classy ceramic bong (link)

If you have a loved one who is more on the mature, refined side, then go purchase one of these stunners. Plus, it makes for an awesome decor item.

  • A cannabis cookbook for the foodie (link)

Do you have a special someone who loves to eat and smoke? If so, then a book about tips, tricks, and fantastic cannabis recipes is a must; one of the books we recommend is “Bong Appétit.”

  • A cannabis-themed board game (link)

Who doesn’t enjoy getting together, smoking, and trying out fun, new activities? Naturally, the activity is even better when it is cannabis-related.

  • A smoke eater spray (link)

Smoking is all fun and games until the odor gets stuck in clothes, homes, cars, even offices (yes, offices). Fortunately, this tea-tree-oil-containing spray will do the trick and eliminate it completely.

  • Cannabis-inspired bed sheets (link)

What if you could actually sleep in a bunch of cannabis and not only smoke it or eat it? Yes, this can become a reality with some cute cannabis-patterned sheets.

  • An aromatic cannabis candle (link)

Some people dislike the odor of cannabis, others would prefer their room smelled like it all day long. Likewise, the second group of people would certainly love a candle with notes of cannabis mixed with cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood, and bergamot.

Get ready for the holiday season, and keep a close eye on Christmas discounts! Have fun shopping!

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