80% Of Parents Know (Little To) Nothing About CBD

Health News - 80% Of Parents Know (Little To) Nothing About CBD

According to a new poll by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital on Children’s Health, 80% of parents say they know little to nothing about CBD products.

What’s more, only about a quarter (29%) of parents who gave or were considering giving CBD to their children talked with their pediatricians about it, and a whopping 35% believe marijuana and CBD to be the same thing.

Moreover, 83% of parents think the FDA should regulate CBD products. However, merely 58% said that this would be an important factor when deciding whether to give their children CBD products or not.

Also, seeing how CBD can cause mild side effects, such as diarrhea, fatigue, and nausea, it is important to speak with your medical provider first. This will help you learn more about any possible side effects and medication interactions.

In addition to that, you can talk with your provider about any health issues your child is facing, such as anxiety, for instance, and they may be able to offer some alternatives.

In fact, 75% of the surveyed parents believe that CBD products for kids should require a prescription from the doctor while in reality there are only a few studies on CBD’s effects on children.

And as you may already know, the only CBD product that the FDA has approved for children is Epidiolex. It is a prescription drug used to treat some forms of epilepsy.

On that note, the director of the poll, Sarah Clark, believes that CBD products for kids should only be used for epilepsy.