Mississippi Becoming a ‘Gateway’ for Medical Marijuana

Industry News - Mississippi Becoming a 'Gateway' for Medical Marijuana

In Jackson, Mississippi, a lease for a warehouse was purchased by one of the most significant cannabis cultivation suppliers. The warehouse of 40,000 square feet 4251 Industrial Drive, Jackson, was purchased by GrowGenerations with intentions of opening it in the summer of 2021.

GrowGeneration will provide jobs for dozens of people and offer marijuana, hydroponic, and vertical indoor gardening supplies, as well as take care of the lack of food in the Mississippi Delta by providing organic food.

The whole thing is naturally supported by Initiative 65, which advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana. The Mississippi State Department of Health will have complete control of who buys medical marijuana. It will be accessible to people who have at least one of the 22 conditions that allow the usage of medical cannabis.

Mississippi sees GrowGeneration as a high potential market for medical marijuana since they are already opened and working in 12 other states.

GrowGeneration’s CEO, Darren Lampert, said that Mississippi is now able to serve both its residents and the residents of the surrounding states while being a ‘gateway’ for medical cannabis to the southern states.