A First: Fully Compliant CBD and THC Ice Cream

Lifestyle News - A First: Fully Compliant CBD and THC Ice Cream

Fantastic news for all you sweet tooth and CBD fanatics out there!

You can now enjoy the best of both worlds with the new offering from Mellow Ice CreamTHC and CBD-infused ice cream. Although there were other CBD edibles that came out prior to this one, Mellow’s founders, Jesse Bride and Enrique Gonzalez, proudly announced that it’s the first CBD dessert that’s fully compliant with California state law.

Mellow Ice Cream Corporation is a Los Angeles-based CBD ice cream company founded by two friends who wanted to provide non-pharmaceutical options to those who suffer from debilitating pain, nausea, seizures, and even cancer. 

Their educational journey resulted in a line of what they call super-premium frozen treats that doesn’t have any unpleasant taste of cannabis but includes the same benefits.

Moreover, Bride and Gonzalez collaborated with legal experts prior to the official launch to ensure that they were not breaking any law, like CBD companies operating in the semi-legal zone. Thus, Mellow Ice Cream is looking to become a full-fledged household brand; and remain so for years to come.

In addition, Mellow launched three irresistible flavors: Himalayan sea salt and caramel, Tahitian vanilla peanut butter cup, and mint chocolate chip. They are now available online and will soon be available for sale in local dispensaries by early 2021.

As such, this guilt-free ice cream will both help and delight many cannabis connoisseurs with its amazing health benefits and mouth-watering, delicious taste; hopefully for years to come!