A New Senate Bill Is About to Put CBD on Your Plate

Politics News - A New Senate Bill Is About to Put CBD on Your Plate

The latest US Senate Bill is set up to propel CBD as a dietary ingredient and supplement by updating existing FDA regulations for cannabis and cannabis-derived substances. If it passes, it will finally allow us to taste the benefits of CBD-infused foods, drinks, and food supplements.

And it was about time for the integration of cannabidiol (CBD) into the food market to happen. 

The process has been at an impasse for two and a half years ever since the 2018 Farm Bill was adopted, which classified all hemp derivatives as legal for cultivation, consummation, sales, and distribution nationwide.

The FDA’s lack of action to upgrade its Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) means that CBD is still a prohibited food ingredient since it has been tested and approved as a drug (Epidiolex). 

Senators Ron Wyden, Rand Paul, and Jeff Merkley are pushing for changes by introducing this bill, named the Hemp Access and Consumer Safety Act.

In general, it is aimed to enable equal legal status of CBD and hemp derivatives to other food supplements or dietary ingredients. 

More precisely, this means the FDA will regulate:

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Product’s efficacy
  • The packaging and labeling of products

Also, with it, more extensive enforcement actions are envisioned for fraudulent product claims. 

The bill enjoys great bipartisan support and backing from multiple organizations such as the Consumer Brands Association, the US Hemp Roundtable, AHPA, and the NIHC.

But why is this Bill so well-received? 

  • It will boost consumer safety and the quality of hemp products. In other words, authorities will eliminate potentially unsafe products like cannabis contaminated with mold, yeast,  or laced hemp.
  • Farmers will finally know how their plants will be evaluated.
  • It will open new sales channels for companies, which will increase their gains. 

This bill can be the first step to matching up with Thailand’s cannabis cuisine but, more certainly a good way to upping the level of control over the cannabis market.