A Shocking 42% of Alcohol and Pot Consumers DUI

Lifestyle News - A Shocking 42% of Alcohol and Pot Consumers DUI

The research team at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health made a shocking discovery during their new study that tackles driving under influence (DUI). 

According to it, precisely 42.3% of those who consume marijuana and alcohol admitted to DUI for at least one of these substances; some even for both!

Namely, around 34,000 drivers, 16 or older, were involved in the survey that took three years to complete (from 2016 to 2019). Moreover, the results showed that an alarming 8% of participants drank and drove, a staggering 20% smoked weed and drove, while 14% reported consuming both prior to driving.

The CDC had a similar report which showed that Americans aged 16–25 were increasingly driving after consuming pot. Following their data, the prevalence of marijuana consumption in this age group on weekends has gone up by 48% during the 2007–2014 period.

And although stats show that US adolescents are replacing alcohol with cannabis, many are still consuming both. Suffice it to say, both alcohol and cannabis negatively influence driving due to slowing down of reflexes and the distortion of perception. 

However, since both substances influence the same regions of the brain, their combined effects are frightening, to say the least. Namely, some of the side-effects include:

  • distorted senses
  • poor coordination
  • false perception of time
  • impaired cognition and judgment
  • impaired and/or slow movements and motor skills

Overall, authorities are still working on finding new ways to manage this public health concern, and technologies such as the a cannabis breathalyzer can certainly help.