American Marijuana Will Pay You to Smoke Cannabis

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An online medical marijuana store, American Marijuana, has a job opening for a position that many would consider their dream job. The company is looking for a reviewer who will test different cannabis-infused products. They are also ready to pay $3,000 each month for this position.

However, they’re not looking for just about anyone that smokes cannabis.

The company wants someone who is both healthy and fit, can test cannabis products regularly, and, above all else, someone who is reliable and honest. They won’t just pay someone to “smoke weed” — the reviewer is supposed to test the products and share their sincere opinion in the form of either a vlog or a blog post.

Where are the applicants from? The perfect candidate is also supposed to live in a US state that has legalized the use of cannabis, or Canada.

In addition, they should possess extensive knowledge concerning cannabis and cannabis-based products. The company wants to educate cannabis users and give them videos on how to properly use cannabis, and how cannabis-based products differentiate one from another. American Marijuana also plans to instruct cannabis users on how to identify the most notable cannabis-infused products.

The cannabis reviewer will explain, in great detail, their experiences regarding various cannabis products, both before and after use, which is supposed to educate users about the effectiveness of these products.

Naturally, the reviewer must be 18 or older. They will get all the necessary testing products for free, and depending on their experience and capabilities, the salary could go up to $36,000 per year.

How can you apply?

Besides their CV, the applicants are expected to create a 60 second-long video where they explain their passion for the cannabis business. Additionally, they must link their social media and provide at least six slang names, street names, or nicknames for cannabis, so the company knows that they’re taking the job seriously.

It remains to be seen whether the cannabis reviewer will become a new top job and what the demand for it will be. At any rate, the reviewers will surely love their jobs!

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