Americans Are Getting High on Delta-8 THC Legally

Lifestyle News - Americans Are Getting High on Delta-8 THC Legally

Witty hemp entrepreneurs did their homework on the 2018 Farm Bill and struck gold by introducing a new molecule onto the market — Delta-8 THC

And just like its relative (Delta-9 THC), it can get people high

Hence, an entire online industry was born almost overnight! And what an industry it is! 

Only in the past six months, Delta-8 products reached $10 million worth of sales, as more and more Americans used it to ease their anxiety, pain, nausea, and even depression.  

You name it: gummies, flowers, capsules, vapes, and tinctures; there’s absolutely everything with Delta-8 THC in them.

But that’s not all. 

You can also legally ship and mail these products across 42 American states.

So, exactly why is Delta-8 THC legal?

Delta-8 THC can be synthesized from CBD. So, in essence, it’s a hemp-derived product. 

What does a Delta-8 THC high feel like?

Its effects have been described as the perfect in-between of THC and CBD, or a state of “functioning high.” A mild marijuana buzz without the paranoia and anxiety associated with it. 

It’s why this type of THC is referred to as “marijuana light.” But rest assured that it will show up on a THC drug test.

Moreover, if it’s as effective as people describe it, it will replace the need for Pennsylvania patients and others to turn to illegal cannabis channels. Plus, as cannabis is effective for OCD, Delta-8 can be used in similar anxiety-related disorders or even in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Yet, the most probable scenario is the initiation of mishmash state laws regulating it. In fact, it’s already happening (on a smaller scale) in Oregon, Michigan, and Florida.