Animals Could Also Get to Enjoy Hemp Relatively Soon

Industry News - Hemp in Animal Food Could Soon Become Reality

Although you can freely consume foods made from the hemp plant in the US, foods (meat and eggs, for instance) that come from livestock that consume hemp are still under scrutiny. However, based on recent actions by the Colorado nonprofit organization, Hemp Feed Coalition (HFC), we might be closer to a solution.

Namely, HFC has submitted an official request for hemp to become a regular ingredient in the animal nutrition Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and the US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine. In case they approve, seed meals will be allowed for use as feed for laying hens.

In fact, a clinical trial was conducted to prove that hemp would be an efficient food for laying hens. Namely, there is plenty of hemp seed meal lying around unused in farmers’ storages as a byproduct without purpose.

Hunter Buffington, HFC Executive Director, states that additional clinical trials (such as this one) should be conducted to prove once and for all that this feed is not only safe but also efficient.

He also adds that one of the challenges is that only US-grown hemp can be used as an argument for FDA-CVM. Hence, in order to overcome this challenge, a firm collaboration between everyone involved is essential.

In addition, animal feed such as corn or soybeans, for example, has a fairly low value. As a result, hemp will have to compete with these low-value commodities to establish itself on the market.

Finally, let’s not forget that AAFCO and FDA-CVM approval may take years (approximately four) before the hemp feed is made legal. Nevertheless, HFC also plans on adding other animals, (such as cattle) to the hemp seed meal application pending approval from the AAFCO and FDA-CVM.