App Store Welcomes the First-Ever Cannabis Delivery App

Lifestyle News - App Store Welcomes the First-Ever Cannabis Delivery App

Following a change in their developer guidelines, Apple became the first of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world to allow a one-stop app for buying weed. With the Eaze app already available on the App Store, pot lovers can rejoice at the crossing of another milestone.

And there’s a lot to be happy about — beginning this month, iPhone owners can finally get the full registration-to-delivery cannabis service for both medical and recreational cannabis in the states where marijuana is legal. 

What is unfortunate though is that this doesn’t apply to Android’s GooglePlay — their 2019 regulations explicitly banning cannabis-selling apps are still effective.

This is quite strict, given that, in comparison, that same year, the first cannabis delivery app in Canada was launched in Winnipeg

But in the US, while cannabis apps flourished during the pandemic, you couldn’t find a full-service one on the Apple Store. Their policy prohibited all apps that encourage the use of vapes, illegal drugs, tobacco, or excessive amounts of alcohol. 

Hemp was also a part of this list, given its legal status on a federal level. So, consumers were forced to use the web page versions of cannabis retailers to make an order through their cell phones. 

However, on June 7, Apple made its last guideline update, authorizing licensed pharmacies and dispensaries as app developers. In other words, green-lighting them to sell cannabis.

And being one of the largest licensed cannabis marketplaces, Eaze seems like the perfect choice to test-ride the Apple Store’s new policy. 

But before you get all excited about the news, you should know that all in-app purchases through these apps will be restricted in locations where marijuana sales are legal. 

Nevertheless, this is an important step towards legalization and an example to all big companies for embracing the cannabis industry. 

Other major companies are also loosening up their grip on cannabis use and selling. For example, Uber is even open to the idea of becoming a cannabis dealer.