Apple Bans 181 Vaping-Related Apps

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It comes as no shock that Apple has decided to remove all the vaping related apps from its App Store. The company is known for removing all the apps they find controversial, or inappropriate.

Back in June, Apple announced that they would stop accepting new vaping apps; earlier this week they removed all the apps associated with vaping. They explained that their decision was based on the recent deaths and injuries that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has associated with vaping.

Although it was never possible to buy vaping products off the apps on the Apple App Store, there are some apps that share certain recipes for DIY mixing of liquids for vaping. This is extremely dangerous and should not be done without professional supervision since mixing these liquids can create some toxic combinations and dangerous interactions.

As a result, the company has decided to update its guidelines and remove all the applications that were facilitating and encouraging the use of vaping products. The company also stated that they want their App Store to be a trustworthy place where young people can download safe apps for their mobile devices. They don’t want to put the health of their users at risk.

Vaping products that can be connected to mobile phone apps are still somewhat of a novelty on the market, so it may not seem that big of an issue.

However, this decision may be problematic for people who use these products for medical purposes. In addition, some cannabis vaporizers have integrated Bluetooth apps, which can be used to set the amount of cannabis the user wants to inhale and lock the device to prevent misuse. Still, none of these products require an app to work. Users can perfectly control them without the app.

The latest Apple decision should deter some users from vaping or at least entice them to do it more responsibly.

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