Athletes Are the Next Target for the Ever Growing CBD Market

Sports News - Athletes and CBD Market

The booming CBD market is shifting its focus to runners and athletes in general. It actually makes sense, since benefits of CBD include faster recovery, pain relief, better sleep, as well as lower inflammation.

CBD market is targeting athletes with products with higher potency CBD than usual. Since CBD doesn’t get people ‘’high’’ like THC, these products are a perfect substitute for the traditional ones.

So, what products can athletes benefit from?

First, there are various oral tinctures and topicals that contain more than double the usual CBD amount. Tinctures are usually available in 300-milliliter bottles (about 10 oz). They also come with a dropper, so the user can easily drop the liquid under their tongue. Topicals are usually found in the form of oil, roll-on, thick salve, cream, lotion, and so on. These concentrated products can help athletes with pain relief when applied to achy parts of the body.

Then, there are different CBD-infused foods and drinks, like recovery bars, honey, CBD-infused water, coffee, green and black tea, and so on. This is a relatively new approach in consuming CBD, but the options are vast. Traditional sports beverages can sometimes have an off or a metallic taste, which can distract the user from enjoying their drink. However, CBD-infused drinks don’t have to have an overwhelming taste.

A non-edible option of CBD products for athletes includes skincare, like various skin patches, creams, and even sunscreen.

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