Boojum Life Is Launching CBD Roll-On Body Oils

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Although there isn’t much scientific research, it’s believed that CBD oil and cannabis can be very helpful in treating various kinds of pains, stress, insomnia, disorders, anxiety, and inflammation. Most people consume CBD orally, in the form of different oils, gummies, and edibles. However, there is one more way to consume CBD, and it’s through the body’s largest organ — your skin.

Boojum Life entrepreneurs believe that their CBD roll-on body oils will work better than other CBD products since cannabidiol will be absorbed through the skin and will give a better effect.

Boojum Life acquires all their hemp from local farmers, and all the products are tested numerous times before, during, and after the production process, so it’s a company that can be fully trusted.

Research has found that when CBD is taken orally, most of its effects are cut down because of the first-pass metabolism, which weakens chemical compounds before they enter the blood circulation. With the dermal application, though, users avoid this first-pass metabolism and get the full effects of CBD oil.

Beside cannabidiol, Boojum Life’s oils also have a compound found in chamomile that heals damaged skin. It also helps and makes the absorption of CBD much easier.

Boojum Life offers three kinds of roll-on body oils:

  • Uplift Your Spirit CBD Roll-On Body Oil — this oil is supposed to lift the mood and restore balance. It has a mixture of hemp oil and warm spices like vanilla and clove, as well as chamomile and citruses.
  • Calm Your Mind CBD Roll-On Body Oil — this variety should calm and relax the user, and fight stress and anxiety. The blend has nutmeg, English lavender, chamomile, hops, and cinnamon.
  • Relieve Your Body CBD Roll-On Body Oil — hemp oil mixed with sage, mint, camphor, basil, and eucalyptus is supposed to relieve your body of everyday stress and soothe weariness.

Whichever oil you choose, we’re sure you won’t make a mistake. Whether it’s invigorating mint and eucalyptus, warm spices like vanilla and cinnamon, or fragrant chamomile and lavender, you will surely enjoy these CBD oil-infused body roll-ons.

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