Boston Beer Co. Launches Weed-Infused Ice Tea in Canada

Boston Beer Co. Launches Weed-Infused Ice Tea in Canada

Great news! The Boston Beer Company has just announced that they’re entering the cannabis-infused beverages market. The brand will debut with a weed-infused ice tea line in Canada — TeaPot.

Canadians of select provinces will be able to try these non-alcoholic beverages as early as July. According to the brand, the drink’s flavor is specially selected to mask the taste and smell of marijuana.

Hence, apart from the 5mg of THC, every 12-ounce bottle will also feature a natural tea extract.

Good Day Iced Tea is the brand’s first release and is a combo of lemon black tea and Pedro’s Sweet Sativa strain. And as per company officials, this is just one of many flavors to come.

Paul Weaver, the Director of the cannabis sector in the BBC, says that each variety of TeaPot will pair with a different social gathering.

However, the company’s slick marketing plays don’t end there. Economy experts project that this is the perfect time to enter the cannabis-infused drinks market in Canada, given its constant climb.

Namely, the total market valuation of cannabis beverages spiked by over 800% in the past three years!

In 2020, the marijuana extraction company Valens was the first ever to sell weed drinks, and this is only two months after cannabis-containing foods and beverages were legalized in Canada.

Today, the Canadian weed-infused beverages market is twice the size of its US counterpart. This is mainly because of the legal status that recreational marijuana enjoys on a federal level in Canada.

So, until the legal status is resolved in the US, Canada remains the go-to market for new cannabis companies.