British Columbia to Foster Indigenous Cannabis Products

Industry News - British Columbia to Foster Indigenous Cannabis Products

On January 18, 2022, the province of British Columbia and the First Nations Leadership Council launched a program called BCICP (aka the B.C. Indigenous Cannabis Product program) that should help Indigenous producers sell their cannabis products in private retail stores and online. 

At the same time, this program should help customers identify Indigenous products that will be labeled with the program’s logo.

The program will be accessible to all licensed cannabis producers as long as they are based in the province of British Columbia and meet the Indigenous ownership requirements. In other words, they need to have at least 51% Indigenous ownership.

Other rules include the following criteria:

  • Cannabis producers must obtain cannabis licenses issued by Health Canada
  • Products must be sourced from an eligible cultivator
  • All products must be registered with the BC Liquor Distribution Branch before applying for the BCICP program
  • Producers must sign and submit the BCICP application form to the LDB for review and approval

Indigenous cultivators can also work with non-Indigenous producers. However, the products must be processed by an Indigenous-owned party with a facility located in the province of British Columbia.

On that note, Seven Leaf was the first Indigenous cannabis producer licensed by Health Canada in 2019, while today, there are about 265 Indigenous cannabis dispensaries in Canada. Most of them can be found in Nova Scotia, Ontario, and British Columbia.