British Scientists Confirm: CBD Has Antipsychotic Effects

Health News - CBD Anti-Psychotic Effects

Scientists from King’s College London proved that CBD has antipsychotic effects on psychosis patients. They observed the brain activity in people suffering from psychosis and came to the conclusion that cannabidiol — or CBD for short — changes the brain activity of these patients as they perform memory tasks, effectively mimicking the brain activity seen in people without psychosis while performing the same.

They observed a control group of 16 people, as well as a group of 13 people that have been diagnosed with psychosis, who were administered either a single dose of CBD or a placebo while performing various memory tasks. To do this, the researchers used fMRI scans to track the brain activity of the participants of the study.

In turn, this allowed them to see exactly what was going on during the above-mentioned memory tasks; the prefrontal and mediotemporal areas of the brain of participants diagnosed with psychosis that were given a placebo showed strikingly different brain activity than that of psychotic participants who were given CBD instead. When participants with psychosis were given CBD, their brain activity was fairly similar to that of the control group.

One of the lead authors of the study, Sagnik Bhattacharyya, the professor at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience, King’s College, London, said that this was the first time that anyone had scanned the brains of people with psychosis while under the influence of CBD. What’s more, although the number of participants was nothing to brag about, researchers have compiled essential information on the specific areas of the brain that CBD targets.

The study also uncovered that CBD had a positive influence on the overall symptoms of psychosis, effectively reducing them, yet it is still too early to make a definitive conclusion.

Overall, additional research on the subject is needed. Nevertheless, at the moment, scientists are quite confident about the antipsychotic potential of CBD.

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