Budworkz: Revolutionary Cannabis Recruitment App

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A unique app that connects employers and employees in the cannabis industry has been introduced by Ned Montgomery, founder of Budworkz LLC.

Montgomery came to this idea while working on a grow where a number of employees had to commute for more than three hours to work. Montgomery explains that the company he worked for paid for gas, food, as well as housing expenses for these workers, yet the situation wasn’t ideal for either the company or the employees.

So, he came up with Budworkz, a unique app that uses geolocation to connect companies and workers in the cannabis business.

This app is supposed to ensure that there will be no logistical nightmares such as hours-long commutes. Officially, Budworkz was created back in 2017 to help the cannabis industry keep up with the newest technology in hiring new workers.

Whatever the case, the cannabis industry is rapidly growing — 33 states have already legalized the use of medicinal cannabis, and 11 have legalized it for recreational use. Additionally, many states have also decriminalized the recreational use of marijuana.

It’s certain that the cannabis industry will continue its upward momentum and Budworkz will make sure that there are no excess expenses, including relocation packages and long commutes. Overall, it’s supposed to make things easier for both the employer and the employee.

The app will be free to download for all potential employees, but employers will be required to pay an $8 monthly subscription.

It remains to be seen how successful Budworkz will be and if it will revolutionize the cannabis industry as its creator had imagined.

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