Buyers Are Getting By the CBD Ban on Amazon

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The consumers of CBD-infused products can breathe a sigh of relief as The Washington Post has revealed that they could still buy these products on Amazon, despite the company’s veto policy. Amazon officials do not cease to repeat that the company’s code explicitly prohibits the listings of products that contain even the slightest amount of CBD; still, these claims seem to be to no avail.

First off, up to this date, Amazon officials have not yet revealed the reasons behind this ban, which is effective nationwide for both states that legalized marijuana and those that haven’t.

CBD — a non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis — earned its due acclaim through various studies showing the beneficial effects it possesses in treating diseases such as chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, epilepsy, and others. The increasing popularity of this ingredient started the design and production of a wide variety of CBD-infused products ranging from epilepsy medication through dark chocolates to essential oils for pets.

Therefore, thanks to the enormous quantity of listings that include CBD products, openly or discreetly, Amazon e-techs don’t seem to be able to stop the showing up of all CBD products on the site. A justified reason for this difficulty seems to be the colossal number of products (approx. 500 million) that are at hand on the Amazon servers daily.

Another problem lies with third-party merchants that either turn a blind eye to this regulation or conceal CBD from detection algorithms; all the while making its presence bluntly obvious in the Questions and Answers section of their products.

Finally, the biggest convenience for CBD buyers are blogs, social media, and other websites that instruct them on how to overcome the ban on CBD imposed by Amazon. These include info on product descriptions that may contain CBD, the types of products, and even brand names that are most likely to have CBD in their merchandise.

Washington Post claims that Amazon searches like “hemp products” or “hemp oil” are enough to lead CBD consumers to their goal. Following this, they purchased 13 products they presumed suspect and got positive CBD results for 11 of them during a lab test. One of the products was even positive for THC.

Amazon officials claim that they will do all that is necessary to keep the massive commerce of CBD products at bay; yet, authorities are still not convinced.

Having erased 3.5 billion suspected bad listings in 2018, the Amazon crew is far from controlling the gigantic online bazaar that they’ve created. Hence, they are held under the vigilant scrutiny of authorities as CBD is not the only banned substance that they are delivering to the buyers’ doorsteps.

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