California Cannabis Workers Prioritized for Vaccination

Health News - California Cannabis Workers Prioritized for Vaccination

The latest and revised California guidelines show that many medical cannabis workers are eligible and have access to the coronavirus vaccine. The state’s Department of Public Health even gave some of them the top slot on the vaccination priority list (1a, Tier 1).

The new guidelines would put medical cannabis workers in the same category for the vaccination as the frontline healthcare workers and nursing home staff. However, the guidance is not completely clear and is quite contradictory.

In the first part, the document says: “Cannabis industry employees are included in Phase 1a for medicinal cannabis and Phase 1b Food and Agriculture for growing, production, storage, transport, and distribution.“

Yet, in the following sentence, it looks like the medical cannabis workers are also put in the lower tier for vaccination: “Medical cannabis workers should be accommodated as necessary in Phase 1b, Tier 1, by nature of their designations in eligible essential workforce classifications.”

The San Francisco COVID Command Center said their main goal is to vaccinate the 65 and older population, as they represent around 15% of the total population but account for more than 80% of the total deaths. 

They didn’t say anything about whether or not medical cannabis workers would be excluded from the top-tier vaccination.

The California Department of Public Health’s most recent information is that medical cannabis workers would probably be vaccinated in Phase 1b, Tier 1 since most eligible workers have been vaccinated in Phase 1a. 

Besides medical cannabis workers, veterinary service employees will also receive the vaccination.