Californians Can Now Use QR Codes to Find Legal Dispensaries

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Under Proposition 64, cannabis was made legal for (adult) sale in California in 2016. Despite this, many state regulators had a hard time meeting the demands for licensing, banning the sale altogether in many a community, or simply not making the adequate rules for selling it on the legal market.

Moreover, a great many legal dispensaries are being undermined by the black market where cannabis buyers avoid taxes that reach even 50% in some communities.

Last week alone, there were search warrants issued for more than 45 operators in Los Angeles that were considered illegal.

That is why the Bureau of Cannabis Control has announced that cannabis users will soon be able to use their smartphones and find out through a QR code whether the dispensary they want to spend their money on is legal or not.

The way the program functions is supposed to be fairly simple. Legal dispensaries would put their QR code on their store window and potential customers would then turn to their smartphones and scan the QR code with their phone camera. The scan would then take the users to the bureau’s online license system where they will be able to confirm that the store does, in fact, have a license to sell tracked, tested, and legal cannabis products.

In addition, the users will also be able to check the dispensary’s license information on the Bureau of Cannabis Control official website.

This useful tool for user education, as the executive director Ruben Honig called it, will definitely help in the fight against the illegal cannabis market but we’re yet to see if the black market finds a way around it.

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