Can CBD Live Up to the Hype? A Million People Are Asked

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CBD has been garnering plenty of buzz regarding its potential health benefits, but is there any truth to it all? This website seeks to document experiences from real users about how effective CBD has been in helping them manage their symptoms.

DidCBDWork is a crowd-sourced solution aiming to answer a simple question: “does CBD work?” With the lack of clear and concise information regarding CBD and the experiences of real patients, these website creators came up with the idea to gather testimonials from real-world patients about their experiences with CBD and the impact it had on their health and everyday lives.

The website is looking to compile over a million experiences from actual CBD patients, both current and former, alongside a database of over 400 independent peer-reviewed studies to highlight the potential of CBD and the benefits it may provide users.

How does it work? There is a list of conditions on the site. Upon clicking on one of them, you get all the collected information on the disease and CBD. Then, you can read reviews by CBD users for that particular condition, or even leave a testimony yourself!

They’re a bit commercial as well; the user experience of the month gets a chance to win some neat discounts and promotions of CBD products.

Have you used CBD to help treat or manage your symptoms or conditions? We’re pretty sure would love to hear your story! These stories will help those suffering from various ailments see that there are viable treatment options for them out there; for lots of people, word-of-mouth is the best recommendation.

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