Can You Fight Fatigue With Cannabis? NM Study Says “Yes!”

Health News - Can You Fight Fatigue With Cannabis? NM Study Says "Yes!"

Know that mellowing feeling that you get from smoking cannabis? Well, that’s not the only thing that marijuana can do for you! Namely, a recent study found out that, besides anxiety, cannabis flowers can also help you treat fatigue symptoms.

The results from the new University of New Mexico-led study are pretty convincing, too! For one, the vast majority (92%) of the 1,224 people surveyed reported immediate relief when it comes to fatigue after consuming cannabis.

On average, there was a solid 3.5 points improvement on a 0–10 scale, and the participants consumed marijuana 3,922 times altogether.

What’s more, positive changes were reported regardless of the weed strain used (Sativa, Indica, or hybrid). Instead, the way you consumed cannabis played a more important role.

For instance, participants who smoked weed flowers saw better results than those who vaped or used a pipe. Another interesting fact concerns the use of CBD and THC-enhanced products, which were less effective than plant material.

Hence, scientists are now of the opinion that neither of the two battle fatigue. They suspect certain terpenes or cannabinoids may be behind the energizing effect, instead.

Whatever the cause, data from this study (obtained through the Releaf App) open a whole new avenue to explore for battling fatigue.

That said, more scientific evidence is needed to further investigate the mechanisms that make us less tired when smoking weed. Even so, this study is a move in the right direction.

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