Canadian Airport to Become the First-Ever to Host a Weed Shop

Industry News - Canadian Airport to Become the First-Ever to Host a Weed Shop

The Prince George Airport in British Columbia, Canada might become the first-ever international airport to offer cannabis products on its terminals.

Indeed, if all goes well, it will soon be possible for passengers to take hits prior to boarding their planes. The product of the collaboration between the Prince George Airport Authority (PGAA) and the brand Copilot, which specializes in cannabis for travel.

Founded by Owen Ritz and Reed Horton in 2020, Copilot aims to make the whole traveling experience more enjoyable by selling marijuana products specifically designed for traveling. The brand also plans on creating a special cannabis-smoking area.

For one, having a cannabis shop in the airport terminal is highly convenient judging how up to 40% of people feel anxious when flying. In fact, a number of studies confirm that using both cannabis and CBD can fight the symptoms of anxiety disorders, including phobias.

If all goes according to plan, Canadians can hope to fly high (pun very intended) by the end of the year or even as early as summer 2022!

But wait, there’s more! 

Namely, cannabis shops will be strategically located before security checkpoints, allowing passengers and non-passengers alike to simply roll one and unwind.

That said, the only thing getting in the way is Copilot obtaining a business license from the City of Prince George. In any case, the procedure is already well underway; both on a federal and provincial level. All thanks to the fact that cannabis is legal nationwide in Canada, unlike in the US.

Speaking of which, in the US, the first CBD vending machine was installed in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in 2019. For now, this is the farthest America has gone to making weed a part of air travel.