Canadian Biotech to Test Cannabis-Based Cancer Therapy

Health News - Canadian Cancer Research

Canadian biotech company Pascal Biosciences Inc. announced their collaboration with US-based SoRSE Technology Corp in early-stage research for the development of a cannabis-based cancer treatment

Founded in Vancouver, Pascal focuses on innovative therapies for serious diseases, including cancer and COVID-19. SoRSE, on the other hand, manufactures and sells a highly bioavailable and durable water-soluble form of cannabidiol. 

SoRSE will pay Pascal to research the experimental therapy PAS-393, which may make cancer cells visible to the immune system. This activity is crucial to the function of the so-called immune checkpoint inhibitors, whose work depends on the body’s ability to recognize and thus fight cancer cells.

According to Pascal CEO Patrick Gray, their expertise and experience in cannabinoid programs for clinical trials, combined with SoRSE’s ground-breaking technology, could help them “get the drug into the clinic.”

Pascal hopes to begin Phase I trials next year.

If Phase-1A testing is completed by the end of their 15-moth partnership, the companies may continue their collaboration as equal partners in the following Phase-1B of the cancer trial.

This partnership is a giant leap in the right direction. In addition to giving hope to millions of cancer patients, it could also spark other cannabis-based studies to test the plant’s medicinal properties.