Canadians Don’t Seek Professional Medical Marijuana Advice

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A recent study from Medical Cannabis Canada (MCC) has found that most Canadian patients aren’t looking for professional advice regarding medical marijuana use. The reason — systemic barriers. 

Most patients are effectively forced to self-medicate due to overwhelming medical cannabis stigma.

Namely, a whopping 83% of patients state that there is still a stigma present surrounding traditional medical practitioners when it comes to medical cannabis use.

As of now, the healthcare system requires people to obtain a medical document (a medical prescription) in order to get access to marijuana for medical reasons. Yet, most patients are having difficulties obtaining it.

The study has also found that more than half (57%) of patients have trouble finding a practitioner to even talk about the subject. 

Only 37% of Canadians using medical marijuana have the document and merely 24% of those who don’t even possess one visit a healthcare practitioner for advice.

What’s worse, 60% of patients believe they have to obtain medical marijuana from unregulated places due to the many challenges, such as the high costs of medical marijuana and problems in navigating the whole system.

Without proper medical advice, patients will face even more problems in the future. Still, the entire medical community needs to lower the stigma first if people are to seek professional advice anytime soon.

The Cannabis Act will come up for review in 2021, and hopefully, the government will find solutions to improve affordability and access to medical cannabis. If that does happen, a lot of people will likely start looking for proper advice and help in the near future.