Canberra’s New Cannabis Regulation Mismatches Federal Laws

Politics News - Canberra's New Cannabis Regulation

During one of the recent episodes of ABC’s political show Insider, Christian Porter, Australian Attorney General, has stated that Canberra’s new regulation on legalizing possession of cannabis for personal use mismatches federal laws and offers no legal protection.

So, let’s recap what exactly happened throughout September 2018. Namely, the Australian Capital Territory became the first out of six states and two main territories of Australia to legalize the possession of no more than 50 grams of cannabis for personal use per individual. The law has been scheduled to come into effect at the beginning of 2020.

However, Federal law forbids cannabis use under these conditions, and Porter, who has recently been reviewing Australian Capital Territory laws, has sent a letter to the Australian Capital Territory Attorney General, suggesting that no changes are to be performed.

As per Porter’s words, these laws are “terrible,” since they do not provide any protection to the Commonwealth law which prohibits even cannabis possessions below 50 grams. However, he stated that no action by the Australian federal government is needed in terms of overriding the Australian Capital Territory legislation since no intervention is required over a law that is “effectively to no effect.” Porter further elaborated that he informed the Australian Capital Territory of their regulations are clashing with the Commonwealth law regarding cannabis possession.

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes remains prohibited in most countries, but there has been a heated international argument over decriminalizing the possession of small cannabis amounts for adults. Canada and some of the American states have only recently legalized it.

Additionally, the government has recently announced that they’re to fund scientific research on medical cannabis, due to increased demand for the products. The medical use of cannabis has been legalized in most parts of Australia, but still, medicinal cannabis products are only available to patients with their physician’s prescriptions.

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