Cannabis Brand Launches Cigarettes with CBD and Hemp

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Cannabis company Toast, from Colorado, has launched something new for all the CBD fans — CBD and hemp cigarettes, without the unhealthy tobacco.

Although every doctor condemns smoking, the majority says that this is a much healthier alternative to common smoking and vaping. With the vaping crisis still going on and the ban on certain additives, this option is very appealing.

Dr. Jordan Tishler, a medical expert at Green Flower Media and the president of the Association of Cannabis Specialist, says that CBD cigarettes will not cause addiction. Hemp and cannabis oil don’t have addictive substances, as far as the scientists know, so there’s no danger in becoming addicted.

Dr. Tishler also says that CBD pre-rolls can’t be used to battle the nicotine addiction. However, research has discovered that out of 5,000 CBD users, 24% have replaced regular cigarettes with vaping or hemp, and have stopped smoking.

These pre-rolls are made with 100 milligrams of CBD and are also rolled in organic hemp paper. In addition to this, CBD pre-rolls also have a wood pulp filter. They are free of pesticides, chemicals and additives, and each pre-roll is inspected before it’s packed. All this raises the price of the CBD pre-rolls, so the pack of two costs $18.

Medical experts also say that CBD and hemp pre-rolls should not be treated as wellbeing products since they could still carry some health risks. Hemp cigarettes have the same cancerogenic effects due to combustion, just like regular tobacco cigarettes.

As various CBD products such as tinctures, pills, and oils have gained much popularity in the previous year, it remains to be seen whether CBD and hemp pre-rolls will have the same success.

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