Cannabis Brands Now Training Weed Sommeliers AKA Ganjiers

Industry News - Cannabis Brands Now Training Weed Sommeliers AKA Ganjiers

California-based Green Flower Institute is about to launch its second advanced training program for weed connoisseurs — namely, ganjiers.

In fact, this kind of certified education was long overdue seeing how cannabis had successfully penetrated the wellness and food industry over the past few years.

For instance, today, the cannabis industry counts around 321,000 workers — a number that is expected to grow by an additional 250,000 by 2024. And despite this impressive figure, the first-ever ganjier class graduated only this September.

Moreover, in the 12 month-long course that includes both online and hands-on sessions, future ganjiers will study multiple fields surrounding cannabis.

Best of all, they will be able to continue their education if they wish to do so as the Cannabis Sommelier Certification Program entails three different levels:

  • Certified Ganjier
  • Advanced Ganjier
  • Executive Ganjier

However, the advanced and executive ganjier programs won’t start until 2023 and 2024, respectively.

What’s more, the certification program is multi-faceted. Meaning, both offline and online sessions are completed with a skill-assessment test.

As such, the sommelier-like job roles that will ensue are aimed at satisfying the needs of the ever-increasing number of marijuana customers by:

  • Accurately assessing the quality of cannabis products.
  • Helping customers choose the right cannabis product.
  • Helping customers choose the right method of use and guiding them through it.

That said, the creation of a ganjier role will also serve another purpose in this budding industry — namely, it will offer higher-earning jobs for marijuana workers to strive for.

At the moment, around 40%–60% of cannabis employees leave within the first two months of entering a cannabis company. Among these, retail budtenders are the ones most likely to leave, even though their salary is $5,000 higher than that of an average shop assistant.