Cannabis Cake Accidentally Served at German Funeral

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According to the latest reports, 13 German mourners experienced extreme nausea and dizziness after tasting a cannabis-infused cake at a funeral gathering. The worst thing about the incident was that the mourners had no idea that the cake was laced with edibles!

The incident, which happened in August this year, was only recently reported to the public out of respect for the mourners and took place during a funeral gathering in northeast Germany. 12 mourners, including the widow, ended up taking a trip to the hospital via ambulance due to the negligence of an 18-year-old restaurant employee.

The authorities reported that the incident was caused by the young daughter of one of the restaurant employees who was supposed to bake a simple cake for the traditional German funeral gathering. The 18-year-old explained that she was baking a separate cannabis cake she planned on using on an entirely different occasion, but — things got “mixed up.” At the moment, she is under investigation by the authorities and she may end up facing up to 13 charges of bodily injury, negligence, and the violation of narcotic laws in Germany.

However, this is not the only incident reported. According to the authorities in Darmstadt, recently a couple of young individuals were taken to the emergency room after consuming cannabis-infused brownies at a party. The police officers also claimed that at least one person at the party consumed so many brownies that they fainted.

According to the cannabis laws in Germany, the substance remains illegal for both residents and visitors. The punishment for possessing or selling drugs in Germany varies and the fine is anywhere up to $30,000 (25,000€) and two years in prison, for individuals over 21 years of age.

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