Cannabis Conference Presenters Call for a Serious Approach

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Like any young industry that is developing at an alarming rate, the cannabis business is going through some growing pains. In order to be taken seriously, it needs to position itself as a serious industry. This means access to proper science, calling for the development and implementation of, and adherence to, regulations and trade systems. A conference held in September this year in Portland, Oregon, worked towards getting these issues under control.

There were several speakers at the conference, all relevant for cannabis research, but still haling from different fields and areas.

Importance of Light

First, Dr. Melanie Yelton, Vice President of Research at LumiGrow, spoke at length on just how important lighting is. She explained how much implementing proper luminescence systems matter for great yield, how it’s not just about getting enough light, but also the proper type of light. If you want to stay competitive, you need to become more efficient and take your growing more seriously. Every agricultural industry plans its growing practices to the tiniest detail, and cannabis should be no different.

Labels and Pesticides

Dr.Stephanie Wedryk, Director of Research and Development for Rx Green Technologies, focused on pesticide use and labeling. Namely, we can expect that proper pesticide use is just part and parcel of getting this industry into more serious waters. This also means that better labeling, stronger regulations, and more serious training will be required in the near future.

Producers to Take Action

Dr. David Hawley, head of the Fluence Bioengineering’s research program, claims that it is the producers who have to lead the charge in cannabis research. Namely, academics are too restricted, especially considering the legal flux-state cannabis is still in. He also states that this research needs to be implemented on a practical, not just theoretical, level.

It can be concluded that the underlying message relevant for most speakers and talks at said conference was the same – better information and a more serious approach to and about cannabis itself leads to a stronger, more stable, and more trustworthy industry.

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