Cannabis Enthusiasts Spent $254.7 Million on Holiday Sales

Industry News - Cannabis Enthusiasts Spent $254.7 Million on Holiday Sales

Excellent news for cannabis lovers around the States! This year was by far the most successful for the magic plant thus far, which just goes to show how cannabis awareness has increased over the years.

Namely, this year, the largest sales of legal cannabis were noted on the 4/20 marijuana holiday in April, on Black Friday, and on Green Wednesday (popularly nicknamed as the cannabis Black Friday).

Compared to the highest marijuana sales in 2020 that reached $89.4 million on New Year’s Eve, this year, Black Friday sales brought up $99 million to the cannabis market, while Green Wednesday brought in another $98.2 million. Moreover, the spending on cannabis products on Black Friday increased by a whopping 20%.

In fact, America’s favorite shopping season, which started on Thanksgiving Day and ended on Black Friday, brought in an astounding $254.7 million in cannabis sales.

People took advantage of various cannabis deals and sales to buy their favorite products. For instance, most people spent their money on cannabis flowers (47%), cartridges/pens (33.5%), concentrate (11%), and infused edibles (7%).

In addition to that, cannabis enthusiasts spent an average of $122.76 on medicinal marijuana and $79.37 on recreational marijuana.

Regarding demographics, 61.8% of shoppers were male, whereas 38.2% identified as female.