Cannabis Helps Women Improve Their Sex Lives

Health News - Women and Sex

Ladies, if you have tried out everything in the book to boost your libido and get some action but nothing worked, then consider getting your hands on some cannabis. According to the newest studies and reports, cannabis can indeed enhance a female’s libido and make things hotter with your partner in the bedroom!

More experienced stoners know that almost everything is better when you are high: music sounds way better, food is tastier (except for the pizza — the pizza is always tasty!), and sex is on a whole new level.

Becky Lynn, an experienced gynecologist who is a pro in the field of sexual medicine, started researching the benefits of cannabis for improving women’s sex drives. According to Lynn, she became interested in the matter after a couple of her patients claimed that they smoke cannabis before engaging in sex. Furthermore, Lynn conducted a study on nearly 400 women and their habits of cannabis use before and after sex. The study found that 127 women experienced more intense orgasms and a boosted libido when smoking before sex.

Another study by researchers at Stanford University took data from around 22,943 men and 28,176 women and examined the link between sexual frequency and cannabis use. The study found that regular cannabis use is directly correlated with increased rates of sexual occurrence. Furthermore, the researchers claim that smoking cannabis does not weaken sexual function.

In conclusion, while it is still not quite clear why cannabis helps females boost their libido levels and improve their whole sexual experience, it is still worth a try.

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