Cannabis-Infused Cuisine: Happy Meal Served the Thai Way!

Lifestyle News - Cannabis-Infused Cuisine: Happy Meal Served the Thai Way!

Thailand is re-appropriating its traditional cannabis-rich cuisine featuring leaves, stems, roots, and branches of the plant after they were delisted from the Narcotics Act late last year. 

Indeed, plant parts with less than 0.2% THC became the favorite ingredient in Thai restaurants’ menus since December 14, 2020, when the note from the Thai Ministry of Public Health allowing their use in food, cosmetics, and supplements was officially published. 

A restaurant in the Prachinburi province called Ban Lao Reung (“The Storytelling House”) was the first restaurant in Thailand to add cannabis to its menu, and many followed suit.

At present, you can find Thai ganja almost everywhere, featured in different forms in the so-calledhappy meals”. These include:

  • cannabis-garnished omelets 
  • pork, sour, and noodle soups 
  • stir-fries, and tempura-fried cannabis leaves 
  • bubble tea, and fresh fruit drinks
  • mini pizzas, cannabis sandwiches, and other

But these dishes, now trending under the names like “giggling bread“, ”happy hard pork fried leaf”, and similar, are more than just means for attracting tourists. 

In fact, the cannabis plant has been a part of traditional Thai cuisine (and medicine) for centuries before being banned in 1979  due to international pressure, regardless of the fact whether it has 0.3% THC.

So, today’s menus are actually based on older recipes that used weed mostly as a taste-intensifier.   

After the prohibition, in 2018, Thailand became the first country in Asia to legalize medicinal marijuana, and later on, other law restrictions were lifted, allowing Thais to grow up to 6 plants.  

And while the cannabis legalization movement enjoys political support, the contradictory treatment of cannabis consumption in Thailand continues. 

Namely, many are still serving their cannabis-related sentence, and trafficking cannabis can still have you convicted to death

But, unlike other main cannabis destinations such as Amsterdam that want to ban cannabis coffee shops, Thailand has done a lot to offer the best of cannabis tourism and probably deserves to become your next holiday destination.