Cannabis May Be Linked to Psychosis Disorder

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Cannabis legalization and its miraculous benefits are all we hear about in the media nowadays. Nevertheless, what if cannabis could, in fact, induce serious mental health illnesses such as psychosis or schizophrenia? Well, believe it or not, this is exactly what happened to a former baseball playerMadison McIntosh.

According to sources, one morning last spring, Madison McIntosh (24) appeared in a restaurant where he was employed talking gibberish and discussing suicide as his colleagues tried to retain him from the frightened customers; 12 hours later, McIntosh was still there. This is when the manager reached out to the young man’s father.

The reason for McIntosh’s obscure behavior came as a shock to many: according to sources, the 24-year-old had been regularly vaping a strong form of THC for months and he has not been getting any sleep. McIntosh’s family rushed the young man to Banner Behavioral Health Hospital, where Divya Jot Singh, a staff psychiatrist, identified the nature of the patient’s condition. Hence, Madison McIntosh was diagnosed with an unspecified psychotic disorder and cannabis use disorder.

Even though the diagnosis is not official (yet), Singh plans to make it that way very soon. On condition McIntosh stays pot-free and does not show any symptoms a year following the unfortunate episode at the restaurant, Singh can definitely claim that the patient suffered from psychosis induced by cannabis.

McIntosh’s case sparked controversy and panic nationwide, including medical experts in California, Massachusetts, and Colorado, where the drug is legal for recreational purposes. According to the experts, the facts are unquestionable: when an individual overindulges on high-THC cannabis, it is likely that they may develop symptoms of schizophrenia.

The connection between psychosis and cannabis was reported in a 2017 National Academies cannabis study, whereas The Lancet, a highly-esteemed medical journal claims that individuals who consume high-THC cannabis daily are up to five times more likely to be at risk of developing a psychotic disorder than individuals who never used the drug.

All in all, does cannabis cause psychosis in some users? Maybe, maybe not. It is certain that further research will look more into the subject matter. Stay tuned…

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