Cannabis — Obama’s Special Birthday Party Guest

Entertainment News - Cannabis — Obama’s Special Birthday Party Guest

Last Saturday night, the 44th former President of the US, Barack Obama held a glamorous birthday party featuring the crème de la crème of people in showbiz, and others close to him and his family. 

Although he restricted the guestlist for his 60th birthday due to the delta-variant spread, one famous guest made the cut — cannabis! 

Indeed, up until Saturday morning, huge marijuana blunts could be seen getting smoked by the famous rapper Trap Beckham and the manager TJ Chapman in an Instagram photo that leaked from the presidential party. 

Smoking weed is perfectly legal in the Bay State, where the party was held in Martha’s Vineyard, however, the photos had to be taken down due to the party’s strict non-sharing policy.

Although Massachusetts allows the possession of up to one ounce of weed and smoking it at a private property, the marijuana-featuring photos were deleted and taken off social media, along with Erikah Badu’s fun Obama dancing videos.

However, according to another former president —Jimmy Carter (96), who released an autobiography-based documentary late last year, this wasn’t the only time that weed attended a presidential party. 

Namely, Willie Nelson—a country singer, and weed legend smoked a blunt on the roof of the White House back in 1980 along with one of Jimmy Carter’s sons! 

Also, among Obama’s guests were many celebs of the music world, some of which own a cannabis brand themselves — Jay-Z (Monogram). Beyoncé was also there, and John Legend, who reportedly had the honor of singing “Happy Birthday” to Obama.

We’ll probably never know if anyone else of the other 300 exclusive guests at the birthday party had a hit of cannabis, but guests described the party as “epic.”

Whatever the case, public celebrity endorsements of cannabis use like these make the odds of the federal legalization bill passing congress seem much higher. 

Plus, even deleted, the Obama party’s pot photos contribute to the nationwide climate of acceptance of cannabis use, which grows by the day.