Cannabis Smell Reveals Cannabis Farm in the Heart of London

Lifestyle News - Cannabis Smell Reveals Cannabis Farm in the Heart of London

According to the police reports from Wednesday, the offices of the financial district of London, which have been under lockdown ever since the beginning of the pandemic to stop the spread of the coronavirus, have their very own cannabis factory

Namely, 826 cannabis plants were found in an office complex in close vicinity to the Bank of England.

What’s more, the London City Police stated that it was, in fact, a “strong smell of cannabis” that raised suspicion which led to the discovery. Consequently, all of the 826 cannabis plants have been dismantled and destroyed.

Likewise, the Police added that it was the very first cannabis factory found in the center of London. 

It is assumed that the facility was set up due to the limited number of people visiting the district during the pandemic — hence, there being fewer people to notice any unusual activity.

In addition, let’s remind you that London is home to the largest commercial insurance market, a lot of which lays empty since March 2020 as the majority of employees were asked to work remotely.

Following recent events, the Bank of England Governor, Andrew Bailey, stated that he is expecting the Bank of England to become the subject of ridicule regarding the central staff of the bank smoking weed.

At any rate, the Police resume their surveillance of the area, working diligently to prevent any potential crimes (cannabis-related or otherwise) in said district. Moreover, two people have already been arrested in connection to the current cannabis factory investigation.