Cannabis-Using Moms Hurt Their Baby’s Mental Health

Health News - Cannabis-Using Moms Hurt Their Baby’s Mental Health

According to a recent study, women who use marijuana while pregnant or breastfeeding may predispose their children to mental health and behavioral difficulties, such as anxiety, aggression, and hyperactivity.

More precisely, the new study shows that children of expecting, cannabis-using mothers are twice as likely to develop these conditions.

Ironically, children with precisely these psychiatric problems (anxiety, ADHD, and others) can actually benefit from CBD oil for kids.

Meanwhile, we’re in that phase of cannabis acceptance in the US that even Republicans are making a move towards federal legalization. Nowadays, people are using cannabis, CBD, and other extracts for a wide variety of conditions — ranging from insomnia to cancer.

Only recently, we discovered that CBD is great at preventing and treating early COVID-19 infections.  

Nevertheless, pregnant women should stay clear of the plant, for the time being.

Overall, the study is a part of a growing body of evidence suggesting that marijuana is bad for unborn children as well as breastfeeding infants.

The results of this study are further backed by CDC warnings against using cannabinoids both during and after pregnancy as they can be transferred through the mother’s milk and impair or alter certain neurodevelopmental processes in the infant.

Hence, this crucial study, which involved 322 pairs of mothers and children, advises women against using cannabis for morning sickness, anxiety, and insomnia during pregnancy.

And according to one study, nearly twice as many California women said they consumed cannabis while pregnant in 2016, which is more than they did five years prior.

Still, this is not the first time this type of study has been conducted. In fact, one such study was conducted back in 1978 and found a link between a mother’s cannabis usage and behavioral issues in children.